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MP3-Scanner - a Powerful Program for Searching MP3 Files on LAN (Local Network)

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Search your local network for MP3 files and other music file formats. The program's multi-threaded searching engine scans shared folders (resources) and searches for MP3 files on LAN very fast.

If you are a network administrator, find MP3 files that users hide on servers hogging up disk space.

You are able to look through the list of found MP3 files, play/download them, save playlists, discover what new MP3 files have appeared on your network, and find MP3 files in the list by file name. 10-Strike MP3-Scanner can also export generated lists as text or HTML files.

Benefits & Features:

  • Search for MP3, MP2, and WMA files on your local network (LAN)
  • Save your time using fast multi-threaded LAN scanning engine. What other programs search for an hour, our program finds in a few minutes!
  • Listen found MP3 files via the network
  • Save & export playlists containing the found MP3 files (for playing via the network)
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8 supported


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Testimonials and Success Stories:

1. Drew Dennis:
"Using it now to scan a nation wide WAN with 1500+ nodes including servers. In under 30 minutes this software has found over 5000 MP3 and WMA files that my users had hidden on servers hogging up space!!! Great software and awesome response to questions from the Developer! I highly recommend that sysadmins give this a try!"

2. Erik Rainey:
"This is exactly the program I've been looking for! I've found thousands of MP3's on my network that I had no idea were out there! This will be well worth the registration fee!"

Search for Other Files on LAN

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