10-Strike Network Monitor Version History


10-Strike Network Monitor (Pro) 5.5, February 2018
- Pro: Web: Added the fully-functional network map to the web UI!
- Pro: Web: Added the task scheduler management to the web UI.
- Added the new "Combined check results" monitoring check type.
- Added the new "Expression check" monitoring check type.
- Added ability to select a cartridge in the printer toner/ink level monitoring check.
- Pro: Added the network map file import from 10-Strike Network Diagram (this is our network topology discovery program).
- Pro: Added ability to manually link map icons to existing hosts from the monitoring database.
- Pro: Added changing the line color on the network map according to the check result of one of the line's hosts.
- Added ability to generate continuous notifications while a check is in the failed state.
- Added a scheduler for checks. You can specify time for the check execution.
- Added ability to substitute user values instead of OID received in the SNMP trap ("Settings" - "SNMP").
- Added the SNMPv3 support for SNMP traps.
- Added configuring the time interval during the check creation.
- Added moving folders to the host tree root.
- Added substitution keys for the current date in all checks where file and folder paths are used. You can also use the date keys in the text file content monitoring check (for example, if you want to find a log record for the current day).
- Pro: Added editing the check properties and notification settings using the icon's context menu of the network map.
- Pro: Added tool tips indicating the check statuses for icons on the network map.
- Pro: If no monitoring server is specified for a host, the program will tell you about this in the check status field.
- Pro: The program will propose you to create the database backup task in the system Scheduler.
- Pro: Moved the SMTP server settings (for sending emails from the program) from the database to a local file. This allows you to make various settings for various monitoring servers.
- Pro: Fixed a bug when the program did not disable previously specified notification methods.
- Fixed the issue with missing labels for vertical and horizontal lines.
- Fixed saving and loading polylines.
- Fixed displaying incorrect downtime in the polling statistics.
- Fixed processing numeric values in the SNMP check (in the range check).

10-Strike Network Monitor (Pro) 5.4, September 2017
- Pro: Added the NetFlow protocol support. Now you can monitor the network bandwidth and utilized traffic volume for a time period. The program can also send alerts when the traffic limit is exceeded. Watch the detailed statistics, build traffic and bandwidth charts, use filters.
- Pro: Added the secure HTTPS protocol support in the web UI. Check the "Web Interface" section of the program settings.
- Pro: Web: Added the data loading according to the user roles and access rights. The Web UI has got the full multiple-user support.
- Pro: Added ability to watch the program logs in a more comfort way with the string searching and filtering functions.
- Pro: Added ability to clear the Syslog and SNMP trap logs.
- Added running checks based on the schedule in the Task Manager.
- Added saving and sending reports via e-mail in the Task Manager.
- Added the database backup copy creation in the Task Manager.
- Added a setting for selecting what to display in the host titles on the host tree (address, name, or both).
- Pro: Improved the notification message about bad S.M.A.R.T. check results. Added displaying the S.M.A.R.T. value name, its threshold and current values.
- Pro: Fixed the check list refreshing bug for the "Failed checks" folder in case of connecting the managing console to the monitoring service through the database (this is an optional method).
- Pro: Fixed the database backup creation bug (in the program settings).
- Fixed the Syslog message encoding bug.
- Fixed the column displaying settings bug in the list of checks.

10-Strike Network Monitor (Pro) 5.3, March 2017
- Pro: Added user accounts and roles for multiple user access to the program. Users can have a specific set of rights for accessing the host database and program functions.
- Fixed the host moving bug when a destination folder was not visible. The automatic scrolling function was added to the host list.
- Fixed found bugs.

10-Strike Network Monitor (Pro) 5.2, February 2017
- Pro: Added checking the database TCP port availability when installing remote monitoring servers.
- Pro: Fixed the critical bug when monitoring servers did not reconnect to the database after a disconnection.
- Added the fractional number support in the SNMP parameters' value monitoring.
- Added the "Check description" column on the dependent check selection window.
- The "Host / Check" column was split to two columns in the "Common statistics" table.

10-Strike Network Monitor (Pro) 5.1, December 2016
- Added the new ink level check for monitoring the ink/toner level in network printers.
- Added the new network interface (switch port) check.
- Added ability to send e-mail alerts using proxy servers.
- Fixed other found bugs.

10-Strike Network Monitor (Pro) 5.0, December 2016
- Pro: We have added a graphic network map so you can watch the network state in a more obvious way. Move icons, change its size, connect icons with lines, and add other objects for a better map look. The device states are displayed using colorful vector icons. Improve the old boring "table" host state look and start using the network map.
- Improved the dialog window design.
- Added the message decoding in the "Syslog monitoring" and "SNMP trap receiving" functions.
- Added the "Response time" parameter to the "Linux/SSH" check.
- Pro: Fixed the disk list receiving bug in the S.M.A.R.T. check.

10-Strike Network Monitor (Pro) 4.6, October 2016
- Added the "Linux/SSH" check for the performance monitoring of various parameters (cpu load average, hdd, mem) on *nix systems (linux, freebsd, android, etc.). This check allows you to execute any custom bash scripts or commands, and to process its output.
- Added the new "Task Scheduler" function which allows you to configure the host checking via schedules. This can be useful when you do not need to execute some check too often.
- Added the "Total monitored downtime" and "Downtime rate" columns in the monitoring statistics report. You can see your network equipment's efficiency now.
- Enhanced the downtime settings in the monitoring parameters. You can configure various downtimes for each day of week now.
- Pro: Fixed a critical bug in the agent and in the monitoring service. This bug could lead the agent to a higher CPU usage.
- Fixed other found bugs.

10-Strike Network Monitor (Pro) 4.5, July 2016
From now, we have merged the Pro and standard version numbers.
- Pro: Added ability to use the "more/less/equal/not equal" conditions for the S.M.A.R.T. parameter monitoring.
- Pro: Added ability to monitor the RAW hard drive parameters in the S.M.A.R.T. check.
- Pro: Fixed the agent operation when the password protection is enabled.
- Added the automatic GSM/3G/4G modem COM port detection.
- Fixed error with updating the check status after the dependency configuration.
- Fixed the dependency error when the "Alert during the first check" parameter is enabled.

10-Strike Network Monitor (Pro) 4.4, June 2016
- Pro: The first English public release of the Pro version.
- Pro: Web: Added all charts from the desktop version.
- Pro: Web: Added ability to watch all logs with the search and filter functions.
- Pro: Web: Added alerting for cases when a monitoring server goes down.
- Pro: Web: Added ability to start and stop the monitoring process on the server management window.
- Pro: Web: Decreased the string height in the list of check so more checks can now be displayed on the same area.
- Pro: Web: Fixed all found bugs.

10-Strike Network Monitor (Pro) 4.3, March 2016
- Pro: Web: Improved the web UI. Added missing desktop functions and fixed bugs of the first beta version.
- Pro: Added ability to monitor parameters which are received by the "VBScript" and "JavaScript" monitoring checks. With user scripts, you can monitor a wide specter of the system parameters. For example, you can monitor the RAM usage.
- Pro: Added ability execute the ICMP ping check on the remote agent's side. This allows you to monitor devices connected to the remote agent's PC locally (for example, video cameras or video recorders).
- Pro: Added alerting for cases when monitoring servers are getting down. The message is displayed on the main window and on the list of checks. The monitoring server list also contains the server status information.

10-Strike Network Monitor 4.2, January 2016
- Added ability to monitor parameters which are received by the "VBScript" and "JavaScript" monitoring checks. With user scripts, you can monitor a wide specter of the system parameters. For example, you can monitor the RAM usage.
- Added new substitution keys in the "Run application" function.
- Added the automatic program log file cutting.
- Increased the maximum monitoring thread count limit in the program settings.
- Fixed the SNMP trap filter.
- Fixed other found bugs.

10-Strike Network Monitor Pro 1.0 beta, June 2015
- The first public beta release of the new Pro version of 10-Strike Network Monitor product.
The Pro version contains the following powerful features comparing to the standard version:
1) Distributed network monitoring supported (thanks to a common database and distributed network of the monitoring servers and agents).
2) Web UI for watching the results and managing the system.

10-Strike Network Monitor 4.1, March 2015
- Added the extended logging while executing the SNMP requests.
- Added the "SMS center" parameter to the SMS settings.
- Added ability to import MAC addresses, descriptions, and names from text files in addition to host addresses.
- Added support for the date substitution key in the file existence check.
- Added ability to disable the main window themes and hide the toolbar.
- Changed the default email encoding to UTF-8 for messages sent via SSL/TLS.
- Fixed error in the downtime counting procedure (for the previous period).
- Fixed error in the "Do not run other checks from the list if the first check is passed/failed" functions for cases when several attempts are used.

10-Strike Network Monitor 4.0, November 2014
- Added the new program's UI design, feel and look. Improved the ergonomics.
- Added ability to change the agent port number in the SNMP monitoring check (161 UDP port by default).
- Added the Unicode string support in the text search function of the "File existence" check.
- Added support for importing hosts from a text file in the "host_address;displayed_name" record format.
- Improved the program's performance for operating with the host and monitoring check database. The group operations work much faster now.
- Improved the "Switch port" check's error diagnostics.
- Fixed bug in the HTTP check.

10-Strike Network Monitor 3.2, April 2014
- Added the MIB browser feature. You can load any MIB files into the program and select necessary OIDs using the handy object tree.
- Added support for all security levels for SNMPv3: authorization (MD5, SHA) and encoding (DES, TripleDES, AES).
- Added ability to load and watch the archived stats (Service - Settings - Statistics - Load archived statistics...). The program will automatically unpack the previously created zip archives and load the statistics files for displaying.
- Improved the program's performance for operating with the monitoring check and host database. Large databases are loaded much faster on start now. The group operations work faster as well.
- Improved the SNMP monitoring check's performance. To use this advantage when you update from previous versions of the program, you need to disable the "Use SNMP WinAPI" option (in the "SNMP" section of the program settings) which was enabled by default in older versions.
- Improved the SMS sending function when using a GSM/3G modem. A long message is now split in several shorter messages but received entirely. Improved the error diagnostics.
- Improved the "DNS" check. Added protection against large server responses which are caused by errors or DDOS attacks.
- Improved the "Switch port" check. Added ability to specify the MAC address for a host which is monitored for the switch port changing.

10-Strike Network Monitor 3.1
- Added ability to display values of some exact variables from the VAR list in the SNMP trap monitoring.
- Added displaying the monitoring, Syslog, and SNMP trap activity in the status bar.
- Changed displaying only failed "red" checks (skipping the failed by dependency checks) in the "Failed checks" list.
- Fixed the host indexing error.

10-Strike Network Monitor 3.0
- Added ability to run repeated network scans for finding new hosts and adding only new ones.
- Added a new special folder to the host list which displays only failed checks.
- Added a new "Report on failures".
- Added ability to break reports with diagrams on pages by days.
- Added a new parameter for monitoring checks "First check in list" (can be changed in the check properties). This setting was added for the "Do not run other checks from the list if the first check is failed" function's operation.
- Added ability to automatically close the SNMP trap and Syslog notification messages, send a record to Syslog, and substitute monitored parameters' values as command line parameters when running external applications (using keys).
- Added the SNMPv2c support to the "Switch port" check.
- Added ability to define the check description during its creation (in the Wizard).
- Added ability to select hosts for including to the "Report on hosts".
- Added displaying host names in headers in all reports (if the report is created for that only host).
- Improved the search function (searching by a part of IP address, name, etc.). You can continue the search process from the current position in the monitoring list.
- Optimized graphics (on the navigation panel).
- Fixed the managing console hanging when switching tabs of the information panel (when large amounts of data are loaded).
- Fixed updating the host address in its monitoring checks when you edit the host.
- Fixed other bugs.

10-Strike Network Monitor 2.6
- Optimized the program operation with the monitoring statistics database.
- Added two new substitution keys for message texts: %RT - response time and %PV -monitored parameter value.
- Added ability to edit multiple checks of the same type at a time.
- Added ability to edit multiple hosts at a time.
- Added moving several hosts from folder to folder.
- Added storing the alert message window's position.
- Fixed the diagram drawing which did not show negative monitored parameter values on graphs.

10-Strike Network Monitor 2.5
- Added the SNMP v2 support to the SNMP monitoring check.
- Fixed a bug in the downtime counting function for a host (monitoring stats).
- Fixed some bugs in email notifications (empty subject), in the list of monitoring checks, and in some other places.
- Fixed the program window positioning on computers with a multiple monitor configuration.

10-Strike Network Monitor 2.4
- Optimized the program operation with a large number of SNMP monitoring checks.
- Optimized the monitoring service's operation with gathered statistics.
- Added ability to specify a unique alert email's subject for each check.
- Added ability to display only failed checks in the list (filter out passed checks).
- Added ability to search hosts by IP, MAC, DNS addresses, and names in the host database.
- Fixed a bug caused the program to hang when a large number of monitoring checks is running (more than 1000 checks).

10-Strike Network Monitor 2.3
- Added the IPv6 support in the ICMP ping check (other checks support IPv6). You can use IPv6 addresses as host addresses in the host properties.
- Added ability to disable all checks for a host using its context menu. ("Hosts | Turn on/off All Checks").
- Fixed a bug caused the program to hang when a large number of WMI monitoring checks is used.
- Fixed the monitoring service's hang on its stopping.
- Fixed the Attempts and Delay parameter configuring for multiple selected hosts.

10-Strike Network Monitor 2.2
- Added a new monitoring setting which allows to consider a check as failed if the check's time of execution is larger than the limit value.
- Moved all the monitoring check's parameters to a didicated page of the Wizard (that page contained the "Dependencies" in the previous version).
- Fixed bugs.

10-Strike Network Monitor 2.1
- Added the SNMPv3 support allowing you to monitor SNMP devices securely.
- Added ability to create diagrams displaying the monitoring parameter changes in time. For example, this can be a CPU load, disk space, or some SNMP values, etc. The program stores received values of the monitored parameters and can build diagrams for any date or period of time.
- Added the Syslog support. The program can be used as the Syslog server.
- Added sending messages to Syslog as a new notification method.
- Added the file age monitoring (the file creation, modification, and last access date and time monitoring).
- Added the free disk space monitoring via SNMP and WMI. Now you can monitor free disk space on Linux hosts using SNMP.
- Added several templates for creating WQL requests in the WMI monitoring check. With their help, you can monitor some basic computer parameters (CPU usage, free memory size, disk space, number of running processes, swap file size, etc.)
- Added the CPU usage monitoring check. It is based on the SNMP and WMI monitoring checks.
- Added ability to select any existing Event Log in the "Event Log" monitoring check (not only default system logs "Application", "System", and "Security").
- Added ability to copy monitoring checks and create checks using a template. Any existing monitoring check can be used as a template. You can assign the template check to several selected hosts at a time.
- Added the device list importing from a text file. If you have a file containing devices' network addresses you can import them into the program and add to the monitoring list instead of adding them manually or scanning your network.
- Added ability to add user attributes to the host properties.
- Added displaying host attributes on the monitoring list. You can also create the report on hosts which will contain all the existing host attributes.

10-Strike Network Monitor 2.0
- Added SNMP trap support. The program can receive SNMP traps from network devices such as switches and UPS. Some models of UPS can send messages via SNMP traps and now you can receive them.
- Added Windows Event Log monitoring. Now you can monitor Event Logs, watch for certain phrases in event records, and get notifications about this.
- Added the response time reports for the last hour and for arbitrary period of time. Added the downtime report for arbitrary period.
- Added creating summary reports on the monitoring stats for selected hosts and for all hosts on all maps.
- Added printing the monitoring checks list.
- Added exporting the response time monitoring statistics to a CSV file.
- Added the "Do not run other checks from the list if the first check is passed" and "...if the first check is failed" options allowing you to configure monitoring checks' logic more flexibly. This feature can decrease the network and CPU load during the network monitoring process preventing unnecessary checks. The options can be configured on the "Host properties" window, on the "Monitoring" tab.
- Added SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxy support (including SSL) in the HTTP (web server) monitoring check.
- Added TLS/SSL support for sending email notifications via the SMTP protocol.
- Added ability to move checks up and down within one host in the list.
- Added the "%S" key for substituting the check's short status (ON/OFF) to the notification message. We recommend using this key to shorten notification messages.
- Added ability to send SMS messages to several recipients. Use semicolons ";" to divide the recipients.

10-Strike Network Monitor 1.8
- Added sending SMS messages directly via a connected GSM phone.
- Added ability to monitor software installed on computers (software audit). You can track new and deleted programs on remote computers.
- Added ability to perform arbitrary SQL requests in the database monitoring check.
- Added ability to monitor printers (local and networked).
- Added WMI monitoring (ability to monitor different parameters on remote computers via WMI).
- Added ability to monitor mapped drives on remote computers.
- Added ability to configure individual message texts for monitoring alerts. Before that, the message text was configured in the program settings as a single template (it remains as a default message text value).
- Added ability to configure columns in the list of monitoring checks (moving, renaming, disabling).
- Added ability to configure date interval on the "Common Statistics" tab.
- Fixed the ping sending error with packets larger than 250 bytes.
- Fixed the dependent checks and issues with their alerts.
- Added sorting in tables and lists.

10-Strike Network Monitor 1.7
- Added configuring the network monitoring statistics database file size limit, archiving and clearing the statistics files when the size limit is reached.
- Added ability to configure dependencies for several selected monitoring checks simultaneously.
- Increased the speed of the program operation when network monitoring checks with several attempts are used.

10-Strike Network Monitor 1.6
- Added configuring the program settings folder path.
- Added group operations in the host tree: deleting, viewing state, adding monitoring checks, etc. Hold the CTRL button to select several hosts in the tree.

10-Strike Network Monitor 1.5
- Fixed errors in sending e-mails, adding hosts from the Scanning Wizard, forming stats for a period.
- Fixed installing the program over an older version (the service uninstall problem fixed).

10-Strike Network Monitor 1.4
- Added the network monitoring settings backup copy creation and restoring. You can use this function for migrating the network monitor program from one computer to another.
- Added checking the program for updates on our web site.
- Added ability to select predefined OID values in the SNMP monitoring check settings (disk space, CPU load, CPU number, etc.).
- Added help topics on all the monitoring checks available in the program.

10-Strike Network Monitor 1.3
- Added a mechanism for gathering and storing response time stats (results of network monitoring checks). This data is used for generating charts and colorful reports. Now, you can see when a host was down on a chart.
- Added a response time statistics report (daily/weekly/monthly/yearly average response time charts).
- Added ability to change the TCP port for connecting to the service application.

10-Strike Network Monitor 1.21
- Added the %A and %T keys for substituting a hosts's address and check type into JavaScript, VB script, and external application's starting parameters.
- Fixed alerts that were raising when a dependent host was become available.

10-Strike Network Monitor 1.2
- Added ability to configure monitoring interval for each check instead of a host.
- Added ability to add arbitrary textual descriptions for checks that can be displayed in alert message texts using the %DSC key.
- Fixed some bugs in the monitoring engine.

10-Strike Network Monitor 1.1
- Added drawing response time charts on results of monitoring checks.
- Changed the logic of operation of the "Raise alerts..." setting (please check the Alerts section in the program settings). Added the "Alert during the first check" setting.
- Added configuring days of week for maintenance in the scheduled downtime host's settings.

10-Strike Network Monitor 1.0
- 10-Strike Software announced the release of a new network monitoring program: 10-Strike Network Monitor 1.0.