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10-Strike SearchMyDiscs Online Help

The collection structure

User may maintain a collection of either kind:
1. Disk image archive.
2. Tree-like catalog.

Disk image archive
Stores disk file structure after having scanned those disks with the program. Also stores structure of the archive files (zip, rar, etc.) and file descriptions (the files *.txt, miscellaneous internal tags, etc.) For a more convenient presentation and accessibility to the information, the following data is stored:
  • Disk groups - sets of disks sharing the same subject; e.g. music, video, programs. To place disks into specific groups, use the Group editor. Operations with a selected group are performed in browse and search modes. The same disk may belong to more than one group.
  • Disk's file structure - the files and folders structure acquired as a result of scanning. Holds information on the disk's files and folders: size, date, time, and icons.
  • Description of disk/catalog/file - description or any other additional information on the file, disk or catalog; e.g. the files readme.txt or MP3-tags.
  • Image thumbnails - thumbnails of image files and digital photographs.

Tree-like catalog (Files from multiple disks are gathered by user.)
In the catalog, you can group files from multiple disks by their subject; e.g. video, movies, manuals, music, etc. The catalog contains:
  • Folders - Contain files. Or - these are links to some disk's folders. Use links to save space and avoid redundancy. The links' content cannot be modified.
  • Files - Stores the following information on files: disk, path to file, size, time, and descriptions.