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Contacts for Technical Support, Sales, and Licensing Questions

Do you have a question or comment? Simply locate a contact in the list below and send your message directly to the appropriate person. We are always open for your suggestions and any type of comments. We would be glad if you send us bug reports on any of our products downloaded.

Technical support e-mail:

Sales and partner program e-mail:

Or use our online feedback form for contacting us.

We provide technical support via e-mail only. An average response time is one business day or less.


Please include the following information in your message:

  • Program name and version
  • Detailed description of your problem (or bug)
  • Your operating system type and version
  • If you are a registered customer, please remind us about it


Order Payment Questions

For all the payment questions please contact PayPro Global, our E-commerce provider.

+1-866-933-4313 (U.S. toll free)
+1-646-873-6857 (international)

+1-416-981-7818 (international)

Please click here to find a local reseller.

About Company

10-Strike Software Logo10-Strike Software is a networking software developing company. Our products are presented on the world market since 1999. In 2003, the company concentrated on creating and marketing administrative, networking, inventory, and monitoring software for Windows networks.


10-Strike Software has resellers worldwide. Primary resellers are located in the USA, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, and Turkey.


10-Strike Products The product line includes network monitoring software, network computer inventory software, network management software, network topology discovery software, file searching software, network bandwidth and traffic measurement software, remote administration software, and remote user access auditing software.


Our networking products are installed and used in many thousands of organizations all over the world.

our clients

Free products have hundreds of thousands installations. The company takes part in various IT events like expos and conferences all over the world.

10-Strike's team at expo