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10-Strike Network Monitor

Network Monitor Screenshots
  • Monitor network devices and services: switches, servers, UPS, processes, CCTV system, IP cameras, DVR, and databases.
  • Receive and monitor SNMP traps.
  • Monitor temperature, fan speed, voltage, disk space, HDD SMART, and other stuff via SNMP/WMI/SSH.
  • Configure alerts and receive notifications via e-mail, SMS, sound alarm, or a screen message.
  • Analyze statistics, charts, and trends.
  • Distributed network monitoring in the Pro version.
  • High performance monitoring! Please Check Our System Requirements.

10-Strike Network Monitor is a network device monitoring software for Windows. The program allows you to perform continuous and automatic 24/7 monitoring of various hosts (network equipment and services) connected to your LAN or over the Internet.


The program operation is based on the periodic automatic device polling. It can send an ICMP packet (ping) to a device, connect to a required TCP port over the network, access a database, or check some parameter on a managed switch or UPS (using the SNMP protocol), etc. When something goes wrong, an alert arises and you receive a notification.

With our software, you are able to monitor the following:

  • Computers (Windows/Linux/Mac)
  • Servers (Database, Web, FTP, Email, etc.)
  • Switches and Routers (via SNMP)
  • Printers
  • UPS
  • IP PBX
  • CCTV System, DVR, IP Cameras
  • Printers
  • Doors and other sensors using SNMP traps
  • Databases
  • Services
  • Processes
  • CPU load
  • Temperature, voltage
  • VPN, PPP and other connections
  • Disk space
  • Files and Folders
  • Script results (VB, JS, etc.)
  • You can use any check from the list of supported network host monitoring checks. Depending on the result of the check, a device being polled obtains the corresponding status. If the check is successful its color is displayed green; if it is failed – it appears in red. You can display only "red" checks and see the list of critical failures or see all the available checks.


    The program stores results of all the monitoring checks, collects the statistics, and displays the response time charts in the real time. You can watch the history data, analyze what happened in the past, and predict future problems.


    You can set up alerts and the program's response to particular events (a device's or service's failure or recovery). These may include: displaying a message, playing a sound, running external programs or scripts, writing to logs (text files or Event Log), sending SMS to a mobile phone (direct sending via a connected GSM phone or 3G/4G modem is supported), sending e-mails, or even restarting/shutting down a service or a remote computer to recover the problem.

    Some failures can be recovered automatically without your interaction!


    Our monitoring programs are used by thousands of IT professionals and networking engineers all over the world. Get control over your network equipment and services, and ensure a prompt response to failures.

    Try our free trial version in your environment. It is fully functional during 30 days!




    • Easy configuration! Scan your network and find all those hosts for monitoring in seconds.
    • 30+ monitoring checks and networking protocols supported including SNMP traps. Find the comprehensive list of the supported host monitoring checks below.
    • Various notification methods. Find the list of the notification methods below.
    • User friendly interface allows you to configure a lot of monitoring checks and alerts quickly. Save your time!


    Video Review

    We have created a short video (4 minutes) for explaining the program concept and its features.


    Monitoring Checks Supported

    The program can execute the following network monitoring checks:


    How 10-Strike Network Monitor (Pro) Responds to Failures:

    • Displays a message on the screen
    • Sends a message over e-mail
    • Sends an SMS (directly using a connected phone or modem)
    • Plays a sound alarm
    • Launches an external application with parameters
    • Executes VB and JS scripts
    • Records to a text log file
    • Records to Event Log
    • Restarts / Stops / Runs a service on remote host
    • Reboots / Turns off / Turns on a remote computer

    Minimize Downtime and Fix Outages Before Anyone Notices!


    System Requirements:

    The software operates under Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1/10; Server 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019.

    The program monitors devices using 30+ built-in monitoring checks which use common networking protocols including ICMP, TCP, ARP, SNMP, and WMI. An average modern PC can monitor up to 1000-2000 sensors using the ICMP, TCP, or ARP protocols.

    If you want to monitor managed switches using SNMP, an average PC or server can handle several hundreds of sensors. 1000+ sensors will require more RAM and more cores in CPU. Some of our customers monitor up to 8000 switches on the 24-core server with 16 GB RAM and SSD drives using SNMP. Big number of sensors and short polling period imply intensive recording of the statistics data to your disks (and increased RAM consumption). Fast SSDs will perform better than slow HDDs.

    The WMI monitoring utilizes the most of CPU load and 500-1000 checks can cause issues. For testing the performance issues in your specific environment, we recommend you to download and try our fully functional free 30-day trial version.


    Feature Comparison: Standard Version vs Pro

    Features 10-Strike Network Monitor 10-Strike Network Monitor Pro
    30+ monitoring checks including SNMP, WMI, and other protocols
    Notifications and automatic response on failures
    Distributed network monitoring support, multiple monitoring servers, common SQL database
    Graphic network map (watch host state on the diagram)
    Web access for remote users. Watch the monitoring results (tables and charts) and manage the system using any browser.
    User management (accounts, roles, access rights)
    Remote agent support (Agents allow running some checks locally on the Agent PC)
    CPU temperature and fan speed monitoring using Agent
    Remote ICMP monitoring on the Agent PC
    License price starting from, USD
    License price starting from, EUR

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    Our Clients

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    Success Stories

    Cristian L., Italy: "Congratulations on the speed with which you have updated the "Network Monitor Pro" program. I have been trying NM Pro for a few days and I think it is an excellent product that is simple, very functional and scalable, the type of NMS that I could offer to my customers (PMI)."



    Best Soft'2015 PC Magazine/RE review 10-Strike Network Monitor Pro in PC Magazine/RE's annual software review "Best Soft 2015": "This program allows you to monitor the IT infrastructure starting from switches and servers, and ending with UPS and door sensors in racks with equipment polled via the SNMP protocol. It is allowed to control not only the device operability, but to check whether some device’s parameters are beyond critical thresholds. For example, it can be the CPU temperature, voltage, toner level in a printer, signal level in a fiber optic line, or amount of free space on disks. There are several methods of notifications available for an administrator. Charts displaying parameters help predicting trends before a real failure occurs."



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