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10-Strike Network Monitor Screenshots

10-Strike Network Monitor is a network monitoring software for Windows. The main program window:

10-Strike Network Monitor Screenshot. Network Monitoring Software. Click to open a fullsize image.

Failed monitoring checks are marked by red color. Successful checks are green.

You can configure alerts and actions for various events so the program can even fix the problem istead of just notifying you.


The program stores the monitoring statistics and draws diagrams with the response time's or the monitored parameter's history. You can save them as reports or print:

See when the response time of your services was high and when the connection was broken. The higher response time you get, the higher the network device bandwidth load is. For example, such statistics can help you to find out the days of the week when your servers or network have the highest load. Analyze the response time data and be ready to possible overloads and prevent the server outage.

If you monitor not only the service availability but some parameter on your managed switch or UPS (via SNMP), or on a PC (via WMI), you will see how this parameter was changing in time on the diagram. This can be a temperature, voltage, free space, or any other parameter you need.


Getting started. Scan your network:


Enter IP address ranges for searching hosts:


Select network scanning methods and configure scanning parameters:


Select devices from the scanning results:


ICMP checks will be added automatically to new hosts.


Edit hosts in the list:


Planned downtime is supported:


Edit existing host's checks or add new monitoring checks:


Use dependencies, configure number of attempts and a delay between them, configure the response time limit:


Configure notifications on the monitoring check results:


Notifications and screen messages can be configured:


SNMP trap monitoring supported:


10-Strike Network Monitor can execute the following network monitoring checks in order to monitor network devices and servers: