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Combined Check

The program allows you to monitor a common result of several checks. The list of checks affecting the result and the failure/success logic can be configured.


Example 1. ISP users on a remote network (or in a building)

For example, you have a remote network which is connected to you through a cable. Some hosts in that network can be up and running. Some hosts can be turned off. If the cable is cut off, the remote network will stop receiving the ISP service (IPTV or the Internet).

The combined check can quickly alert about the failure. But how to distinct the cable problem from the case when the hosts are just turned off? Usually, networks have several active service hosts (managed switches or servers). If no device is responding to ping on that network, we can suppose that the cable (an optic cable or Ethernet) connecting this network to us does not work.

To configure a combined check for this case you will need to specify all checks forming the result. For the above example, we will need to add checks for all hosts of the remote network (this can be the ICMP ping check) and enable the rule "The combined check is passed if at least one check from the list is passed".

With these settings, the combined check will be considered as passed if at least one host of the remote network will be active. When all checks from the list are "failed", the combined check will be failed too and you can configure a notification alert for this event. Moreover, you can disable notifications for all those remote network hosts' checks.


Example 2. Printer color ink cartridges

The second example of using a combined check is the color printer ink monitoring. The program can monitor the rest of ink in the printer cartridges using SNMP. The problem is that one type of ink or one cartridge is monitored by one check. If you want to monitor 4 colors, for example, you will need 4 checks with independent notifications. If you want to monitor the printer using one check, the combined check type will help. It can monitor for all 4 color inks and notify you if only one color cartridge becomes empty displaying the rest of ink in others so you can immediately decide whether you need to replace only one printer cartridge or more.


Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1/10/11, Server 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019/2022 supported.


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