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Network Computer Inventory Software
with Automatic PC Information Scanning & Tracking Changes

PC hardware audit: configurations, reports, upgrades.
Software & license audit. Program installation counts.
Automatic PC inventory scanning. Poll your computers over the network (WMI).
Track changes on computers. Be notified on new hardware or software installed.
Create computer cards. Print stickers with bar codes.
Detect disk issues and prevent problems on computers. Hard drive health monitoring and antivirus diagnostics.
Create reports on all the available collected information. Use 100+ ready report templates or create your own new reports.
PC Inventory Scanner

10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer is a program that automatically scans computers over the network and collects the inventory information on the installed software and hardware. Create reports on the computer inventory data and track all changes on your computers: what hardware and software was installed or deleted.


Software and License Audit

Audit installed programs and create reports on the software availability and number of installed copies on computers (including the software title normalization). Control the correct use of programs and license keys. Find forbidden and unlicensed software. Track changes in software and services. Control the startup folders and shortcuts. Uninstall software remotely. Audit operating system updates and fixes installed on computers.

Hardware Tracking and Inventory

Scan installed hardware on computers over the network and create reports. Track changes in PC hardware. Detect RAM changes and find new connected USB drives. Print asset tag stickers containing the PC hardware configuration with bar codes and serial numbers of the computer components.

PC Inventory Change Tracking

Track changes in hardware and software on the company computers remotely over the network. Detect changes and receive notifications on the most important ones. If someone installs a new software, or connects a new device to his computer, or changes hardware parts, the program will record all the detected changes to the Inventory Log so you will be able to analyze the information later. You can also receive some specific changes to email automatically.

PC and Hard Drive Health Monitoring

The program performs the remote computer and hard drive health monitoring, and detects issues and potential problems. Monitor hard drive health and temperature using S.M.A.R.T. remotely over the network. If some computer has no antivirus program, or it is disabled/outdated, or the disk space is running out, you will be notified about that before any end user loses the data.

Computer Upgrade Planning

Create a report containing the list of computers with low memory (for example, with RAM less than 4 GB), small LCD monitors, or slow old CPUs. You can save funds on upgrading only necessary computers and improve the employee performance.

Reports and Inventory Information Exporting

You can export all the inventory data collected by the program to reports or to an external database for deeper analysis. The program contains more than 100 of ready-to-use reports. You can also use filters and the built-in Report Designer for creating any type of report you might need.


Collect the inventory data without installing any additional software to network computers (using WMI and Active Directory).

Update the data automatically using the built-in Scheduler in the background mode.

Scan and inventory Windows, Linux, and MacOS computers, SNMP, and even Android devices (over SSH).

Track changes in computer software and hardware.

Receive notifications on hard drive health issues, overheating, and antivirus problems.

Create 100+ ready reports in PDF, Word, Excel, HTML.

Run SAM/ITAM audit using the software library with 100+K software titles in the Pro version.

Keep count office equipment, spare part warehouse. Maintain the history of computer maintenance.

Collect the data using several methods (for domains and AD, workgroups, offline PCs, and remote computers available over the Internet)

Access the computer inventory database using the web interface


We have create a short video review (7 minutes) for you. It explains the program's principles and advantages. How to scan the network computers for the software and hardware inventory? How to create the inventory reports and track changes?



The version comparison table:

Functions \ Version Standard version Pro version
Software library on 100+ thousand program titles containing the information on whether a program is free/paid, what is the license cost, and the software category
Extended SAM functionality with reports on free/paid software, license costs, and software category (using the software library)
Additional abilities for the data integration/exporting
Ability to use an external networking SQL database (connected through DSN) for the inventory data storage instead of using the local SQLite database

Learn more about the Pro version with the extended SAM functions >>

If you already own a license for the Standard version, you can buy an upgrade to the Pro version paying only the price difference. Check prices and buy upgrades here >>

When buying a license, you will get free 1-year maintenance (which includes the program updates and technical support). We have been constantly improving our product since 2006.

The program operates under Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1/10 or Server 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019/2022 (System requirements). You can download and try the 30-day trial version for free.


pc magazine Award Winner "RU Software 2014: innovations and achievements" by PC Magazine/RE.

14/12/2014: "PCs are polled in the background mode providing the administrator with up-to-date reports on components and programs installed on computers. The package allows you to collect the information from PC behind routers and NAT extracting data from laptops and Android gadgets of mobile employees."

pc magazine Award Winner "Best Software 2013" by PC Magazine/RE

12/12/2013: "The convenient system of the IT infrastructure inventory is especially useful in SMB companies with their "zoo" of equipment. The system records hardware brands, PC configuration, software versions and licenses. One of the most useful features is tracking changes in equipment, which makes it possible to detect failure, loss or replacement of components."

cnews CNEWS Review

10/02/2007: "This is a powerful tool for centralized inventory of hardware and software of computers on a LAN. It allows you to discover computers on the network and collect the information about them in a database... The ability to select computers in the report whose configurations satisfy a given condition simplifies tasks such as planning upgrades."


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