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Using WMI for Retrieving Remote Information

The program uses WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) technology for accessing remote computers and collecting inventory data.


Pros of working with WMI:

  • Does not require configuring remote computers in the majority of cases (when a domain and the administrative rights are available).
  • No need to install additional components on remote computers.
  • Users with no administrative rights cannot prevent the gathering of information.
  • The polling is invisible for network users.
  • Actual information can be obtained at any moment on demand.


  • Requires the administrative rights on remote computers.
  • May require the adjustment of security policies and firewalls on computers (see WMI troubleshooting).
  • It is hard to poll computers that run rarely.

When computers cannot be accessed with WMI, the polling can be organized using the client application (even from computers that are not connected to the network) and the agent service (when the administrative rights are unavailable).


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