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Download 10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer - a Program for Network Hardware and Software Inventory Audit

Here, you can download a free trial version of 10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer (Pro) and test the program in your environment for 30 days before purchase.

If you do not know which version to choose, please read the full comparison table.

Functions \ Version Standard version Pro version
Software library on 100+ thousand program titles containing the information on programs: free/paid, cost, software category. SAM reports created with the library.
Ability to use an external networking SQL database (via DSN) for the inventory storage and additional functions for the data exporting
Download free 30 day trial version
25 MB
28 MB
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Current product version: 10.67 | Version History

Language: English

Operating systems supported: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11, Server 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019/2022

Trial Period: 30 days

Limitations: The number of PCs in the database is unlimited in the trial version. The only limitation is printing and saving reports. The program will only generate reports and display their preview window. After the trial period expiration, the program will display only 3 PCs in the list. But you can order a license and continue using the program with your gathered data without any limitations.

EULA10-Strike Software End User License Agreement

System requirements: a Windows PC with network.

How to install the program: Download the program using the above links. Run the installation package and click "Allow" if the system asks for your permission. Follow the installation wizard's instructions, click "Next" till the "Finish" button appears. No additional components will be installed.

How to remove the program: Use the standard system software removing procedure (Control panel -> Add/remove programs) or use the program deletion shortcut in the program's group in the Start menu.


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