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Quick Start Page

Congrats with the installation! :)

We have placed helpful materials for you here so you could faster configure the data collection and start working with the program.


Useful Links

Online Help Center - the most up to date version of our documentation is here, on our site.

Technical Support - ask us if something does not work. It's free! :) You can also contact us via email.


Popular Help Topics and Helpful Articles

Getting Started: How to Collect Inventory Data from Computers
Collecting Inventory Data: Overview of Available Methods
1) Using WMI for Retrieving Remote Information
2) Using Agents for Collecting Information
3) Using Clients for Polling Offline and Remote Computers

Advanced Functions
How to Track Inventory Changes and Receive Email Notifications?
Managing Multiple Administrator Accounts (for WMI)
Using Logon Scripts for Getting Data from Network Computers (for Clients)
Automatic (Scheduled) Data Collection and Background Network Computer Inventory Monitoring (for WMI and Agents)
Linux Computer Inventory (using SSH)
Android Mobile Device Inventory (using SSH)
Web Interface and Remote User Access
Exporting Inventory to Database
Deleting Software on Remote Computers

Program Configuration and Maintenance
Program Settings
Multiple User Access: Using Shared Database

Helpful Articles
PC Health and HDD Temperature and Health Monitoring Using S.M.A.R.T.
How to Get Remote Computer's Serial Number or Asset Tag


Tutorial Videos

You can also watch tutorial videos showing how the network inventory program works.

Video 1: Getting started with 10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer: adding computers to the PC list, gathering the inventory data using WMI, generating basic reports and the summary table reports.


Video 2: Working with the program: scanning the network, gathering the inventory data, generating basic and summary table reports in details.