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Network Mapper and Device Monitor - LANState

Network management and Scada-like map. Display the device parameters and performance on widgets.
Manage network devices on map. Quickly access hosts parameters.
Monitor devices over the network using multiple types of checks and notifications.
Scan the network automatically. Discover topology and map your network.
Use the web interface for accessing your map remotely.
10-Strike LANState

is a simple network topology mapping, host monitoring, and management program. Monitor the service availability.
Manage servers, computers, switches, and other devices easier using the graphic map. Access devices' properties, RDP, web UI faster. Restart / shutdown servers and services in a few clicks!
Display critical parameters on widgets and indicators.


Scan your network, discover its topology, and create graphic map

The program automatically scans your network detecting device types and their addresses, and creates a network map with vector device icons. If your switches are managed and support SNMP, the program can discover the network topology and draw links between devices and switches.

Manage hosts using map

It is convenient to manage devices using the graphic vector map. You can immediately see which ones are operating and which ones went down. You can retrieve various information from remote computers (access the Registry, Event Log, list of processes or services), as well as configure the context menu for executing frequent operations like RDP, ping, etc. You can turn on, reboot, or shutdown computers, and start / restart / stop services.

Monitor devices and receive notifications on failures

You can receive timely notifications about various events - network problems, lack of disk space, service stops. Alarms are immediately visible on the network map and you can configure the sending of SMS notifications via a connected 3G / 4G modem or phone, by email via the Internet, and sound alarms and messages on the screen.

Analyze monitoring statistics and response time charts

The program accumulates statistics on the results of executing monitoring checks and you can create reports and analyze charts of the monitored parameter changes. Thus, having detected trends of deterioration of parameters (for example, an increase in temperature or network bandwidth), an accident can be prevented in advance.


Automatic network scanning and device discovery.

Network topology mapper.

Vivid LAN representation with displaying host states and widgets indicating monitored parameters in the real time.

Ability to work with several maps simultaneously.

New device detection on the network (be notified when new hosts have connected).

Quick device management on a visual map.

Ability to turn off, reboot, shut down remote servers and workstations.

Web interface for remote users (in the Pro version).

No additional software is required to install on remote computers.

We have been developing monitoring solutions for 18 years since 2003. So we are offering the powerful product with tons of useful features to you.


We have created a short video review about the program explaining its principles of operation and advantages. It shows the network scanning process, working with the network graphic map, remote server and computer management.



This table shows the version comparison.

Functions 10-Strike LANState Pro 10-Strike LANState 10-Strike Network Monitor (Pro)
Graphic network map with vector device icons
+ in the Pro version
Web interface for accessing the network map by remote users
limited (access network maps and reports)
fully functional in the Pro version (full control)
Map exporting to MS Visio
Advanced SNMP functionality: retrieving SNMP information from devices, reading the connection table from managed switches
SNMP trap support
Syslog monitoring support
Storing and displaying the statistics with response times and monitored parameter values. Ability to build charts and generate reports.
Background monitoring using a service application
Distributed remote network monitoring
fully functional in the Pro version
Program usage scenario
Working with the program on the administrator's PC, network topology discovery, host and PC management
Background host monitoring in the 24/7 mode (on a server)

We have also added another our program "10-Strike Network Monitor (Standard/Pro)" to the table for the comparison. It has almost the same set of monitoring checks and notifications. The major difference is that its monitoring core is implemented as a service. So NM is better for using on dedicated servers for the background monitoring tasks than LS. If you want to use the network mapping and management functions on your PC, choose LANState instead.

We hope this table will help you to understand what product suits your needs better. If you are still having questions, please contact us and ask.

When buying a license, you will get free 1-year maintenance (which includes the program updates and technical support). We have been constantly improving our product since 2006.

The program operates under Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1/10 or Server 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019/2022. You can download and try our free 30-day trial version.


pc magazine PC Magazine/RE's annual software review "Best Software 2005"

"It is not so mighty and "heavy" as HP OpenView, but it is quite functional and easy to use. The software provides automatic forming of a network map, and allows organizing server and workstation monitoring, provides basic remote management facilities..."

network computing uk Network Computing Awards 2014

LANState Pro 7 is a finalist for the 2014 Network Computing Awards. The program was nominated for the "New Product of the Year" Award category by the "Network Computing" magazine (UK).


Scott M.

"I was very impressed with the amount of control that the software could give you over a network that I am managing. I was testing a number of other mapping software at the time but none could do what LANState pro could do."

Andrew H.

"I also wanted to tell you how much I like the ability of importing previous scans into a current scan. This program has been the most valuable network tool I have used yet."

Joe B.

"I have been using LANState for a month now, and it has allowed me to fix the network issues before users realize something happened. It keeps my VPN connections up and allows me to monitor and access the printer server's and workstation resources all from one place.
I have 109 network entities listed so far and will be adding another 35 later this month. Your software has saved me hours of work being able to work from my desk instead of going to different buildings and offices to access the resources. The ability to keep my VPN connections alive 24/7 is a blessing in itself. I highly recommend the software."

Ivan S.

"Thank you very much. Your LANState is the best program!
Now, I know exactly what happens on my network at every moment. It is very simple to manage all computers using your program. LANState combines a friendly interface and many necessary features for the network administration and management."

Renato M.

"Many thanks for your excellent support. Actually it works very fine and it even finds the unmanaged switches (hub) in between; it is a wonderful tool."

Arthur B.

"After conducting an extensive search for software that would automatically detect network devices, and then produce a network diagram to graphically represent the network layout, we found LANState Pro. This software saves time and money producing professional network schematics with ease. LANState Pro provides not only a snapshot of the network but also the details such as IP, MAC, and status information at the touch of a button. From a security point of view it also allows the client to see who is connected to the network to assist in preventing unauthorized access. Simply a great product. Thanks."


Our programs are used by thousands of enterprises, including the energy, oil and gas industry, telecommunications companies, banks, ministries, and departments, commercial organizations, budgetary and educational institutions, hospitals, etc.

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