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LANState and LANState Pro Comparison

Program Versions: Pro vs Std

Network map and monitor - LANStateThe LANState software has two editions:

1) LANState Standard (or simply LANState) is a network mapping, monitoring, and management software. It contains basic network monitoring and Windows remote administration features. The program costs $199.95 U.S., and can be recommended for using in Microsoft Windows networks and IP networks both. It has a limitation of 50 hosts allowed to use on all simultaneously opened maps.

2) LANState Pro is the most advanced version of the program, which contains a built-in web server for the remote user access, advanced SNMP functionality, Syslog support, Visio exporting, and large maps for multiple monitor support. With the web interface's help, you are able to install the software on a single computer while users or system administrators will be able to see your network's state in the real time using their web browsers, analyze the history data on diagrams, etc. The program cost starts from $299.95 U.S. for the single PC 100-host license. It is recommended for using in corporate Microsoft Windows networks and large IP networks both.

The most important differences between the standard and Pro versions are:

1) LANState Pro has got a built-in web server for the remote user access.

2) LANState Pro allows exporting network diagrams to Microsoft Visio.

3) LANState Pro does not have the map size limitations. With its help, you can create a multiple monitor control desk for monitoring your devices and large networks. With two double RAMDAC video adapters, it can display a single large network map on four monitors!

4) LANState Pro has several advanced functions for operating with switches via SNMP protocol. You can watch and save switch connection tables; get data on traffic, route tables, TCP and UDP connections; receive and monitor SNMP traps.

5) LANState Pro supports the Syslog monitoring.

6) LANState Pro generates extended statistic reports and history charts with the network devices' response time and parameters. You can analyze these trends, find bottlenecks, and predict failures.

Feature Comparison

Features LANState LANState Pro
Generating statistic reports on network host response times (avg. daily/weekly/monthly/yearly)
Web access for remote users. It allows watching network diagrams using web browsers and accessing devices' resources using online context menus
Map size limits
2000*2000 only
SNMP functions (reading switch connection tables and other SNMP information)
SNMP trap support
Syslog support
Exporting network diagram to Microsoft Visio
Number of hosts on map
up to 50
100/500/1000/ unlimited
Single PC license price, USD
from $299.95
Single PC license price, EUR
from €273




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