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Payment types

  • Lifetime license keys! This is a single payment (not a recurring subscription)
  • Free updates - 1 year included
  • Priority e-mail support - 1 year included
  • Maintenance (free updates and support) prolongation's cost is 20% of a new license's price per year (you get the 80% discount)
  • Please check our discounts

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Product License type Price USD Price EUR Order Link

10-Strike LANState

network mapper, monitor, and administrator

50 hosts[1] $99.95 €91.00 Buy Now

10-Strike LANState Pro

Pro version includes:
- web interface
- history trends (charts)
- export to visio
- SNMP functions
- Syslog support
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100 hosts[1] $199.95 €182.00 Buy Now
200 hosts[1] $299.95 €273.00

Buy Now

500 hosts[1] $399.95 €364.00

Buy Now

1000 hosts[1] $599.95 €545.00

Buy Now

Unlimited License[1] $799.95 €727.00

Buy Now

Site License[2] $1499.95 €1364.00

Buy Now

Enterprise License[3] $2999.95 €2727.00

Buy Now

Upgrade License - switch to Pro or add more hosts add more hosts from $100 from €91 Buy Now
Prolong Maintenance - prolong free updates and technical support for your license from $20 from €18 Buy Now
  • This is a single payment (not a recurring subscription).
  • For our existing customers, we offer special upgrading prices if you want to increase the number of monitored hosts on your maps.
  • European Union VAT is not included in prices above due to varying rates between EU member states. If you are a business and have a valid EU VAT ID, you can enter your VAT ID then you will be charged VAT of 0%.

info If you do not know whether to prefer the Pro or the standard version, please read the feature comparison.

[1]A Host means one device icon on the network map. Licenses with limited number of hosts do not allow you to use more than this limited number of hosts on all simultaneously opened maps. Each host can have multiple monitoring checks configured. The host limitation does not affect the number of the host checks.
For example, if you have the 100-host license and 3 maps with 50 hosts on each, the program will not allow you to open the third map if two maps with 50 hosts are already opened (or you can use one map with 100 devices with this license).
The host-limited license allows you to install the software on one computer and monitor a limited number of hosts.

The Unlimited license allows you to install the software on one computer and monitor the unlimited number of hosts.

[2]The Site License means that the program may be installed and used on computers that are based at a single site. A site is defined as a single physical address, i.e. a building or group of buildings sharing the same postal address. With this license, you may install the program on up to 3 computers within the site. The host count is not limited for this license.

[3]The Enterprise License means that the program may be installed and used on computers that are based at any site that belongs to an organization. With this type of license, you may install the program on up to 7 computers within the organization. The host count is not limited for this license.

Maintenance and Support

OUR LICENSES ARE LIFETIME! Order a license and get free updates and priority e-mail support within 12 months after your purchase.

After that, you can buy an optional year of additional maintenance (free updates and support) with a 80% discount. I.e. the optional yearly maintenance fee is only 20% of the original license cost. The program will continue working and can be re-installed even if you do not purchase updates to newer versions because the license is lifetime.

Order Processing

We take your privacy seriously and use the SSL encryption to process all orders. Volume discounts are available.

If you are having problems with the online payment or need a higher license, please contact us.

Please note, that utilizing an offline ordering option, you will be required to pay an additional processing fee. To place an offline order, you need to fill in the online form using the above links and follow the instructions displayed or sent to you via email.

The payment types can be:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Bank/Wire Transfer ($10.75 USD fee)
  • Check ($3.00 USD fee)
  • Fax - Credit Card ($3.00 USD fee)
  • Phone Order ($3.00 USD fee)

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Network Computing Awards 2014 Finalist LANState Pro 7 is a finalist for the 2014 Network Computing Awards. The program was nominated for the "New Product of the Year" Award category by the "Network Computing" magazine (UK).

Network map and monitor LANState in PC Magazine review 10-Strike LANState in PC Magazine/RE in annual software review "Best of Soft 2005": "It is not so mighty and "heavy" as HP OpenView, but it is quite functional and easy to use. The software provides automatic forming of a network map, and allows organizing server and workstation monitoring, provides basic remote management facilities..."