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Current Promotions

1. Order Licenses for All Our 7 Networking Products in Bundles with 40% Discount!

Our bundles include licenses for all our 7 networking products:
1) 10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer,
2) 10-Strike LANState Pro,
3) 10-Strike Network Monitor,
4) 10-Strike Network Diagram,
5) 10-Strike Bandwidth Monitor,
6) 10-Strike Connection Monitor Pro,
7) 10-Strike Network File Search Pro.

Please check our 10-Strike Full Network Admin Bundles

You can save 40%!

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2. We celebrate 10-Strike's 20-year and LANState's 15-year anniversaries in this year. Buy 10-Strike LANState Pro with 25-50% discount till October 31, 2021!


3. Buy 10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer licenses with 20-50% discounts till October 31, 2021!


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