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10-Strike LANState Pro Online User Manual
Table of Contents

About Program: What Is It for?
Functionality Description
System Requirements
What's New? (Version History)
How to Buy
LANState & LANState Pro Comparison
License Agreement
Working with Program
Getting Started: First Steps
Editing Network Map
Working with Map Editor
Network Map Creation and Scanning Wizard
Editing Device Properties
Adding Devices
Importing from Network Neighborhood
Scanning Network by IP Address Range
Searching for New Hosts on Network
Deleting Device
Device Alignment
Loading and Saving Network Maps, Data Exporting/Importing
Printing Network Map
Map Object List
Network Map Object Statistics
Visual Map Settings
Network Device Monitoring
Adding check
Editing Check
Deleting Check
List of Checks
SNMP Trap Receiving
Syslog Monitoring
Dashboard Graphic Indicators and Widgets
Task Manager
Monitoring Check Types
TCP Port
Switch Port
Network Interface State
MAC address
Installed Software
Event Log
Folder Existence
File Existence
File Size
File Date, Age
Disk Space
CPU Load, Usage
Mapped Drive
Printer (local)
Printer Ink/Toner Level
External Application
Visual Basic Script
MS SQL/MySQL server, ODBC>
WMI (Windows System Performance Monitoring, etc.)
SSH (Linux System Performance Monitoring)
Expression Check (Counting result using formulas)
Combined Check (Using several checks in one check)
Network Bandwidth
POP3 Email Messages & Mailbox
Wifi Signal Strength (wifi router, wlan monitoring)
QoS Monitoring
Network Functions (Available in the Map Context Menu)
Custom Context Menu Actions
Browse in Windows Explorer
Ping Host
Trace Route to Host
Power Management
Power On Remote PC (The Wake-On-LAN Function)
Shut Down Remote Computer
System Information
General Information
Domain Information
Incoming Connections to Shares
User Accounts
User Groups
Remote Registry
Services and Devices
Opened TCP Ports
Remote Processes
Event Log
Installed Software
SNMP Information
Switch Connection Table
Useful Networking Functions
Local Share Access Monitoring
Viewing Share Access Logs
Hostname Resolving (DNS/WINS by IP Address)
List of Local Shares
Traffic on Local Network Interfaces and Current Bandwidth
Searching Functions
Finding Objects on Map
Searching for New Hosts on Your Network
Program Settings
Common Settings
Network Monitoring Settings
Default Network Monitoring Settings
Monitoring Statistics Storage Settings
Alert Settings
Alerting Levels
E-Mail Settings
SMS Settings
Messenger Settings (Slack and Telegram)
Shared Access Monitoring Settings
Blacklist Settings
Shared Access Log Settings
Map Context Menu Settings
Hot Keys
Web Interface Settings
IP Filter and Security Settings
HTTPS/SSL Operation, Certificate Binding
Web Access Log Settings
View Settings
Device Icon Settings
Map Layout Settings
Program Hot Keys
Technical Support and Troubleshooting
Technical Support
System Limitations on Scanning TCP/IP Opened Ports
WMI Troubleshooting


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