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Useful Functions

arrow The program has got several useful service functions:

  • Share Access Monitoring - Helps you to monitor and control connections to local shares by remote users.
  • Hostname by IP - Returns a device's hostname by its IP address (DNS resolving).
  • Shares - Allows giving remote user access permissions to access your shared files and folders.
  • Network Traffic - Monitors incoming and outgoing data flow that goes through your network adaptors (displays the local network traffic counters).
  • Search for New Devices (Scan the Network by IP Addresses) - Scans the network by IP addresses finding new devices.
  • Get MAC and IP addresses - Initiates the process of getting the IP and MAC addresses of all objects on the map.
  • Switch Connection Table - Receives and displays the switch-to-host connectivity information from managed switches via SNMP.
  • MIB Browser - Displays the MIB file compiler and browser. It allows displaying multiple .mib files in one common OID tree.