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Editing Network Map

When you scan the network, you get the ordered list of devices that are online. To make the map looking more natural, you can arrange the icons in any order grouping them by their location (rooms, buildings, offices, etc.) Use Drag&Drop to move several icons at once (just like on the Windows' Desktop).

You can copy a group of objects and then paste it to the same or a new map. To do that, right-click on the icons you want to copy and then select Copy on the context menu that appears. Then right-click on the area on the map where you would like to paste the copied objects and then select Paste on the context menu that appears.

You can cancel your last map corrections by clicking the Undo menu item (the main menu Edit). The Undo function cancels the following actions:

  • Moving objects
  • Editing properties
  • Deletion
  • Addition

Sometimes you can want to undo more than your last command. The Undo function lets you undo all the map-editing commands in the reverse order. You can use this command to cancel several or all changes made to your network map since the file was opened.

Many icons placed close to each other on the map can make it hard to reach and manage them all. To make this job easier, you can zoom your map out. For that purpose, select the item View | Zoom Out on the main menu. The map will shrink by 2 times. When all operations over the icons are finished, you can return to the original map scale by selecting the item View | Zoom In on the main menu. When the map is saved to a file, its current zoom value will be recorded as well.

To get around a large map quickly and easily, you can take advantage of the Map Preview function. The preview window is a reduced copy of the map. Move the rectangle over the preview window to automatically navigate to the required area on the large map. To open the preview window, select View | Show Map Preview on the main menu.

Learn more about the map editor here: Working with Network Map Editor


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