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10-Strike LANState is designed for Microsoft Windows network administrators. It is fully functional under Windows operating systems: XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10, and Server 2003/2008/2012.

General application:

1. Network Tolopogy Discovery and Mapping

The program scans the network topology finding all active hosts and switches generating the network map with icons representing found network devices and lines representing the switch connection links.

2. Network Host and Service Monitoring Each host is monitored using the ping check by default and any other of dozens types of available checks can be added to it and monitored in the real time. The program displays the host states by color on the network map (active/inactive - red/green). You can also configure alerts and notifications including email, SMS, screen messages, logs, and sound alarms. Multiple actions can also be taken upon a failure: running, restarting, or shutting down a service or a PC, executing a script or an application to promptly fix the detected problem.

3. Network Management and Remote PC Administration

The program allows you to quickly access and manage network hosts using the graphic map, connecting to the network host resources like web servers, telnet, or RDP.

The program also obtains various information from remote computers and network equipment:

  • IP and MAC addresses
  • Current user logged on (for PC)
  • Domain information (for PC)
  • Operating system being used
  • List of disks (for PC)
  • Current date and time (for PC)
  • Available shares
  • Current connections to shares (for PC)
  • System Regestry (for PC)
  • Devices and services (for PC)
  • User accounts and groups (for PC)
  • Opened TCP and UDP ports
  • Active processes running (for PC)
  • Event Log
  • Installed software (for PC)
  • SNMP information, switch connection information, MAC address tables

The software allows:

  • Modeling a local area network in the visual graphic mode, drawing connecting lines, areas, rooms with phone numbers, employee's names with ability to save the result map, export it to an image file, or print out
  • Retrieving various data over the SNMP protocol
  • Monitoring usage of your shares by other users of the network, with the "blacklist" feature
  • Monitoring load on your local network interfaces (incoming / outgoing traffic and current bandwidth)
  • Controlling access permissions for your shares
  • Pinging hosts on the network
  • Tracing route to hosts
  • Retrieving a computer's network name by its IP address (name resolving)
  • Shutting down and restarting any computer on the network (if you have admin rights on the remote computer)
  • Notifying on events by performing multiple actions, including sending e-mail, or restarting services and computers
  • Monitoring processes and services on remote computers
  • Managing the map devices using the configurable context menu (for RDP, etc.)
  • Scanning network by IP address ranges
  • Creating reports on the system configuration and information polled from remote computers
  • Creating reports with hosts and their attributes (DNS, IP, MAC address table)
  • Creating reports with the monitoring statistics results including building diagrams with the host response times and monitored parameter's value changes which can be used for the network performance analysis and trend prediction

LANState does not require installing any client software on remote computers of your network.