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Power On (Wake On LAN)

arrow If your network adaptors and your computers' BIOS software support the Wake-On-Lan function, in certain cases you can turn computers on over network.

arrow The following conditions must be met in order to turn computers on over network:

  • Network adaptor must be PCI2.2-compatible or older with the cable, which supplies the 5V power from motherboard.
  • The WakeOnLan mode must be supported and enabled in BIOS (WakeOn - NetCard).
  • The computer must be shut down "properly" it is called "Soft-Off"; the LEDs on the keyboard and the network card must be on.

arrow Get the program ready for powering on over network: have the network map loaded and then call the Detect MAC and IP addresses function (Main menu | Service | Detect MAC and IP addresses). The appliances that must be powered on over network must be enabled in order for the program to detect and store their MAC addresses. Then, save the map to file. After that, the program can gain access to available devices' MAC addresses for successful powering them on over network (if the field MAC address in the Turn computer on is blank, it means that the MAC could not be detected, and you should enter it manually).

arrow To turn on one or several computers connected to the network, select them on the map and then select the corresponding menu item Turn On/Turn Off | Turn On on the right-click menu (see Hotkeys). In the window that appears hit the Start button. This will send the start signal to all computers with MAC address recognized by the software. To make sure the signal is delivered properly, please allow transmitting outgoing UDP packets in your firewall.

Note: UDP packets may be lost when transmitting over the network. In this case, the remote computer will not power on and you need to send the packet again.