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Network Commands (Using Context Menu)

arrow You can perform the folowing commands on remote computers and other hosts using the map context menu:

  • Run specific tasks with a selected host (You can configure the Actions sub-menu of the map context menu. For example, start an FTP client or a web browser, or start a remote administration program like RDP console).
  • Browse using Windows Explorer (Good for opening shares on remote computers)
  • Ping
  • Trace route
  • Remote PC shutdown and power up:
    • Power up (using the Wake-on-LAN feature)
    • Shutdown (or restart)
  • Get system information:
    • Common network information
    • Shares
    • Connected users (to shares)
    • Local users
    • User groups
    • Registry
    • Services and devices
    • Opened UDP and TCP ports
    • Processes Running
    • Event Log
    • Installed software
  • Get domain information
  • Configure monitoring checks and notificstions