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arrow Here you can change the program's appearance:

  • Align map objects to grid - this feature easily allows aligning objects and lines on the map. Map objects will be aligned to grid when you will move them by a mouse. You can set horizontal and vertical grid intervals (in pixels).
  • Draw grid on map - this feature draws visual grid over the map for your convenience.
  • Transparency - makes the main window transparent.
  • Show operating system icons on map - When this option is selected, the software will place OS icons by the icons of computers running those operating systems. The OS type is recognized by the TTL returned by the device during the ping procedure. This is not a guaranteed detection method; however, in the majority of cases this method returns the correct OS type. The current version of the software recognizes three OS types: Windows, Linux, and IOS.
  • Show failure status icons near device icons - When this option is enabled, the program will place special indicators by device icons on the map. Such indicators signalize of the current state of checks run for the device. If all checks run on the device fail, the indicator will be red. If at least one of the checks fails, the yellow indicator will appear near by the icon.
  • Shadow inactive devices - By default, the program shadows icons of inactive devices in addition to displaying them in a gray colors. In some cases, such shadowed devices can become unnoticeable. You can turn off the shadows by deselecting this option.
  • Map size - change map size limits (in LANState Pro only). The larger map is, the more flicker effects you get when the map is redrawn. The default size is 2048*1536 pixels. If devices do not fit on a newly created map, the map size is automatically increased.