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View (Appearance Settings)

Here you can change the program's visual appearance settings:

  • Align map objects to grid - This feature allows aligning objects and lines on the map easily. The map objects will be aligned to grid when you move them using your mouse. You can specify the horizontal and vertical grid intervals (in pixels).
  • Draw grid on map - This feature draws a visual grid over the map for your convenience.
  • Show tooltips for objects - When you hover the cursor over a map object, a tooltip with the information about this object can be displayed. For example, for a host, these are the IP and MAC addresses, host name, comments, and the last monitoring checks' messages. You can turn off the display of tooltips if they interfere with the work with the map. The content of the tooltip can also be customized: disable the display of comments or diagnostic messages of checks.
  • Transparency - This setting makes the main window transparent.
  • Show operating system icons on map - When this option is enabled, the program will place the OS icons nearby the device icons running those operating systems. The OS type is recognized by the TTL returned by the device during the ping procedure. This is not a guaranteed detection method; however, in the majority of cases this method returns the correct OS type. The program recognizes three OS types: Windows, Linux, and IOS.
  • Show failure status icons near device icons - When this setting is enabled, the program will place special indicators near the device icons on the map. Such indicators display the current state of device's checks. If all checks of the device are failed, the indicator will be red. If at least one check is passed, the yellow indicator will appear nearby the device icon.
  • Map icons label format - You can edit the device icon's caption format for displaing more host parameters on the map in addition to the device name. Use the substitution keys for this. %N - host name, %IP - IP address, %MAC - MAC address, %C - name on map, %U - current user on that PC, %DSC - comment. If you want to return to the default setting displaying onlt the device name, clear the format string or leave only the %C key.


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