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Managing Monitoring Statistics

arrow During the process of monitoring, the program records the monitoring results to the statistics database (it contains the response times of monitoring checks and the monitored parameter values). The program creates and maintains one file with statistics for each host. When there are a lot of hosts added and monitored, the recorded statistics can occupy up to several hundreds of megabytes per year (or even terabytes). Large amount of the collected statistics can slow down the program operation. We recommend you to clear or backup the statistics (if you need it) periodically. The statistics files (*.stat) are stored in the program's working folder in the current user's profile: ...\AppData\10-Strike\LANState (Pro)\RTStat\

This section of the program settings (click the menu Service - Settings - Monitoring - Statistics) allows you to manage the monitoring statistics.

arrow The program can automatically clear the file with statistics for each host on the program startup when a certain file size limit is reached. To enable this feature, you need to select the Clear response time statistics for each host when it reaches the following size threshold option in the program settings (Service - Settings - Monitoring - Statistics) and configure the file size limit in kilobytes. If you would not like to lose the gathered statistics, the program can make a backup copy of the files before the deletion. Enable the Create a backup copy of the .stat file before deletion option to do that.

arrow The Clear statistics cache... setting allows the program not to spend a lot of RAM on the statistics. The program will load the statistics into memory from files only when it is necessary (for example, when you build the history charts or generate the downtime report for some period of time).

arrow In this section of the settings, you can also watch the total statistics file size, create a backup archive, and clear all the files.