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Watching Remote Computer's General Properties

arrow Having selected the context-menu item System Info | General, you will see the information window:

Remote computer information: IP, DNS, MAC addresses, user, domain, OS, date and time
Fig. 1: The Remote computer's properties window.

arrow Retrieving some of the remote computer properties takes some time; therefore, a delay may occur (duration between 0 and 10 seconds, depending on the computer's location within the network and the network performance).

arrow Some network devices may appear as unavailable due to a number of reasons related to organization of the network and access permissions.

arrow If the system has several network adaptors (physical or virtual), all of their IP and MAC addresses will be found.

arrow Click "info..." near domain name for getting the additional domain information.

arrow You must have domain administrator privileges in order to get list of drives from the remote computer.

arrow You can copy the data you have retrieved to clipboard and then paste it to any text file or Microsoft Excel sheet. To do that, right-click on the service list and then select Copy to clipboard on the menu that appears.