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Loading and Saving Network Maps, Exporting and Importing Data

The program saves network maps in its own proprietary file format. You can save the network map by clicking the toolbar button or by selecting the main menu item File | Save as... (or Save if the map was saved before).

Open maps by clicking the toolbar button or by selecting the main menu item File | Open...

Map Exporting

If you wish to use your map as a network diagram in your documents and reports, you can export map to an image file or XML diagram. The program allows saving network diagrams as BMP, PNG, JPG files, and as XML diagrams which can be opened by Internet Explorer. Click the main menu File | Export | to graphic file... item. The program will ask whether you want to save the background image when exporting to a graphic file.

LANState Pro allows exporting network maps to Microsoft Visio with all the available connection lines, areas, and device icons. Click the main menu File | Export | to Microsoft Visio... item to do this.

Warning! You need to have Microsoft Visio 2003 or newer installed on the computer for using this function.

You can export the map data to other program or database using exporting to XML scheme or CSV file.

Map Importing

You can create a new map by importing a text file with IP addresses (instead of scanning your network). This allows you to import lists of hosts generated by other software. Click the main menu File | Import hosts | From text file...

The text file should contain one IP address in each line. The file can contain other data in addition to addresses in the following string format


Each address should be delimited from another address with a line break.

The program will ask whether you want to create a new network map or add the hosts on the current map.

You can import hosts and monitoring checks from our other tools 10-Strike Network Monitor and 10-Strike Network Diagram. Click the main menu File | Import hosts | From 10-Strike Network Monitor... All hosts will be placed on your map and all their configured monitoring checks will be imported as well and assigned to the devices. The same refers to the diagrammer tool.


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