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Multiple User Access: Using Shared Database

Two types of the multiple user access to the inventory data are supported:

1) Sharing the Database Folder

In this case, you need to share the database files over the network and specify that shared folder as the database path in the program settings on user workstations. The first user opening the program gets the full access rights. Users connected simultaneously but sometime after the first user will get the read only rights until the first user closes the program (the same happens when you open an MS Word document from a share). They will see the computer name of the user blocking the full access. In the read only mode, users can watch and search the information, create reports, but they cannot update the data.

2) Accessing the Database via the Web UI

Another way of organizing the multiple user acces is using the program's web interface. You can enable the web access and remote admins can access your database, watch the data, and generate some reports.


Configuring Working Paths for the Database Sharing

Warning: The database folder and the client data importing folder cannot be the same!

When the program imports the client data files, it is processing them and moving from the import folder to the database folder. If you use one common folder for both path settings, the program operation will be incorrect. So, if you share the database for several users and have a share for collecting the client files, these should be two different folders on your file server.

For example, the Client apps copy the data files to the folder_1. The database is stored in the folder_2. When the program is starting, it will move all the new client files from the folder_1 to the folder_2.

If you want to allow other administrators to use the program with your database, you will need to share the database folder_2 (or to place it in your server) while those administrators should configure the shared path of the folder_2 as their database path. It will be better, if only one administrator will perform the client file importing (from the folder_1).


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