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Removing Software Remotely

The program has got the remote software removal function for deleting unneeded or unauthorized software from network computers.

Important: Not all applications can be deleted using this function from remote computers. For successful uninstallation over the network, the following conditions should be satisfied in the application:

•  The program should not display any dialog windows during its uninstallation process. Otherwise, nobody will close the dialog and the process will hang.

•  The registry should contain the uninstallation application path.

If a program satisfies these conditions (the most of Microsoft applications do), this product can be deleted remotely using our inventory program.


How to a Delete Program on a Remote PC

1. Select a necessary computer in the list. Open the list of installed software (using the configuration tree).

2. Select a program for deletion, bring up the context menu using the right mouse button, and click "Delete".

3. The program will need to run the uninstallation application on the remote computer. The uninstaller path will be displayed on the screen. You can modify this path and the command line to execute. For example , you can add the / silent key . It can cause the uninstaller not to display any windows and ask any questions. Not all uninstallers support this key.


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