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About Program

10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer - software is designed for Microsoft Windows network administrators for maintaining the inventory of network computers. The program allows viewing the hardware and software configuration on network computers and generates a variety of different reports.

Main features:

  • Collecting configuration information from local and remote computers.
  • Obtaining miscellaneous groups of hardware and software WMI data:
    • processor
    • mainboard
    • RAM
    • hard drives (HDD)
    • CD/DVD drives
    • USB flash and HDD drives
    • video adapters
    • network adapters
    • monitors
    • slots
    • printers
    • BIOS
    • mouse
    • keyboard, etc.
    • OS
    • updates and hotfixes
    • startup data
    • installed software
    • license information
    • accounts
    • drivers and services
    • route table
    • services
    • processes
    • multimedia codecs, etc.
  • Maintaining computers inventory database.
  • Generating various reports on network computers configuration (in HTML, Word, Excel, text file formats).
  • Exporting data to your database (XML, CSV).
  • Tracking hardware and software changes on remote computers.
  • 3 methods of gathering data: WMI, agents, clients.
  • Offline computers are supported.
  • The program does not require installing any client software on the remote computers on your network.


System requirements:

There are no special requirements, it all depends on the load (how many computers you want to inventory, monitor, and analyze changes).
If there are several hundred PCs, an average performance computer can handle it. If there are thousands, you will probably want all this to be calculated faster and you need a powerful PC. As always, if you place the database files (and the operating system with programs) on an SSD, everything will work noticeably faster.

The software operates under Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Server 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019/2022.


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