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About Program

10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer - software is designed for Microsoft Windows network administrators for maintaining the inventory of network computers. The program allows viewing the hardware and software configuration on network computers and generates a variety of different reports.

Main features:

  • Collecting configuration information from local and remote computers.
  • Obtaining miscellaneous groups of hardware and software WMI data:
    • processor
    • mainboard
    • RAM
    • hard drives (HDD)
    • CD/DVD drives
    • USB flash and HDD drives
    • video adapters
    • network adapters
    • monitors
    • slots
    • printers
    • BIOS
    • mouse
    • keyboard, etc.
    • OS
    • updates and hotfixes
    • startup data
    • installed software
    • license information
    • accounts
    • drivers and services
    • route table
    • services
    • processes
    • multimedia codecs, etc.
  • Maintaining computers inventory database.
  • Generating various reports on network computers configuration (in HTML, Word, Excel, text file formats).
  • Exporting data to your database (XML, CSV).
  • Tracking hardware and software changes on remote computers.
  • 3 methods of gathering data: WMI, agents, clients.
  • Offline computers are supported.
  • The program does not require installing any client software on the remote computers on your network.
  • The software operates under Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008 (and 98/NT with the installed WMI core).