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10-Strike Network Monitor (Pro) User Manual: Table of Contents

How to Buy License and Unlock the Trial Version
Introduction - About the Pro Version of the Program
Introduction - About the standard Program
How the Pro version Works
How the standard version Works
System Requirements (Pro version)
License Agreement
Version History - What's New
Technical Support
How to Work with the Program
Getting Started
Interface Description
Network Scanning
Working with List of Hosts
Working with List of Checks
Network Map Editor
Dashboard Panel (Indicators and Widgets)
SNMP Trap Receiving and Monitoring
Syslog Monitoring
Netflow v5/9 Traffic and Bandwidth Monitoring
MIB Browser
Program Settings
User Accounts, Rights, and Roles
Web Interface
Monitoring Process Description
Task Manager - Scheduled Monitoring Checks
Importing Monitoring Database from Ini File
Managing Monitoring Servers
Monitoring Checks
TCP Port Monitoring
ICMP Ping Monitoring
DNS Monitoring
ARP Monitoring
SNMP Monitoring
SNMP Trap Receiving and Monitoring
Syslog Monitoring
Netflow v5/9 Monitoring
Network Interface (Switch Port) State Monitoring
Switch Port Monitoring
WMI Monitoring
Printer Ink/Toner Monitoring
Local Printer Monitoring
FTP Server Monitoring
HTTP Server Monitoring
NetBIOS Monitoring
Service State Monitoring
Process Existence Monitoring
Installed Software Audit
Event Log Monitoring
Folder Existence Monitoring
File Existence Monitoring
File Size Monitoring
File Age/Date Monitoring
Disk Space Monitoring
CPU Usage Monitoring
Mapped Drive Monitoring
External Application Exit Code Monitoring
Visual Basic Script Result Monitoring
JavaScript Result Monitoring
Database Server Monitoring
Hard Drive S.M.A.R.T. Parameters Monitoring
Motherboard Sensors (Temperature, Voltage, Fan Speed, etc.)
SSH Monitoring (Monitoring Parameters on Linux and Unix Systems)
Expression Check (Counting Formulas)
Combined Check
Bandwidth Monitoring (Traffic Usage on Network Interfaces)
Firebird: The Application's Database
Installing and Configuring the Remote Agent
Installing the Remote Agent on Domain Computers
System Limitations on Scanning TCP Ports
WMI Troubleshooting
Firebird: Using KEEPALIVE-sockets to avoid 10054 errors