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Bandwidth Monitoring

With this check you can monitor deviation of the network bandwidth from the average bandwidth value. The program receives the traffic data from traffic counters using the SNMP protocol for a selected network interface.

It counts an average bandwidth for a specified period and can generate an alert if the traffic exchange speed become above or below specified thresholds. You can also count a current bandwidth per cent from the maximum capacity.

To configure this check, select a network interface which will be monitored for its bandwidth. To do that, specify correct information for connecting to the monitored device via SNMP (a community string or login/password for SNMPv3) and click Get near the network interface list. If the interface list is filled, select one, and specify conditions for considering the check failed (please pay your attention to the check's logic displayed on the purple line).

For example, the check can be considered as failed if the average bandwidth on the network interface is larger than 80% of the total channel capacity (you can specify it in the corresponding field) for the last five minutes.

The program can count not only the traffic volume but also the number of unicast, nonunicast, or error packets.




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