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Server Monitoring

Network Server Monitoring. Open screenshots gallery Monitor servers with 10-Strike Network Monitor! This server monitoring software allows you to monitor different types of network devices including servers, switches, computers, etc. The program monitors the devices' operation, promptly detects failures, generates alerts, and sends notifications to the network administrator. Moreover, the software is able to recover some failures itself. You can configure the program to restart servers or services when they fail.

The program can monitor servers and services running on the servers by sending ICMP ping packets to them, attempting to connect a TCP socket to the required TCP port, trying to connect to a database and run a test query, checking a switch via the SNMP protocol, checking a file or folder existence, verifying that a server has enough free space, etc. Depending on the result, the program responds proactively. These actions may include: displaying a message, playing a sound alarm, running programs, writing to a log, sending SMS message to a mobile phone, sending e-mails, restarting/shutting down a service or a server.

10-Strike Network Monitor can monitor many types of network services, servers, and protocols: FTP, Web (HTTP), SNMP, ARP, DNS, database servers (MySQL, MS SQL, etc.), file servers, etc.

For example, let's consider in details how the program monitors web servers. The HTTP check allows monitoring the state of a web server. With this check, you can constantly monitor the availability of your web server. The check consists in attempting to connect to the web server by sending the 'GET' query. The application analyses the server's reply and determines the state of the web server. The application allows entering login and password for authenticated access to the web server and parameters (host address, login/password)) for passing the query through a proxy server. However, the HTTP monitoring check, except for merely accessing the web server, can monitor the content of the web pages on it. The application allows searching a page with a predefined URL for a specified string and alerting when it is found or in other cases. The most important is that it can respond to the change in the content of the page, promptly notifying the site owner on the occurrence of deface (unauthorized modification of the web page by a malefactor).

10-Strike Network Monitor also displays colorful charts showing response times of services and servers being monitored. By analyzing these charts, you can understand when the response times raise and your network's bandwidth is not enough or the server's CPU load is too high.


Requirements: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8.1/2012/8 supported.




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