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10-Strike SearchMyDiscs Online Help

Main menu

The main menu has the following sub-menus:
  • File.
  • Database.
  • View.
  • Disk.
  • Catalog.
  • Search.
  • Service.
  • Help.
The menu File has the following items:
- Open - Runs file.
- Explorer - Opens selected file/folder in Windows Explorer.
- Copy - Copies selected files to disk.
- Properties - Displays selected object's properties.
- Save thumbnail(s)... - Saves thumbnails of selected files to disk.
- Rename - Renames file in the database.
- Delete - Deletes file from the database.
- Description - Quickly adds a description to selected file.
- Reports - Opens the report generation wizard.
- Exit - Exits from the program.

The menu Database has the following items:
- Create database - Creates empty disk database.
- Open database... - Opens previously saved disk database.
- Databases - Opens submenu with history of previously opened databases.
- Backup database... - Makes a backup copy of the current disk database.
- Restore database... - Restores disk database from backup copy.

The menu View has the following items:
- Large icons - Toggles the large icons mode.
- Small icons - Toggles the small icons mode.
- List - Toggles the list view mode.
- Table - Toggles the table view mode.
- Thumbnails - Toggles the thumbnails view mode.
- Panels - Shows/hides the panes: browse disk, search results, descriptions, list of disks.

The menu Disk has the following items:
- Open CD drive - Opens a CD-ROM drive.
- Close CD drive - Closes a CD-ROM drive.
- Scan disk - Acquire information on the disk's file structure to the database.
- Scan folder - Acquire information on the folder's file structure to the database.
- Show current disk - Finds and shows the disk loaded in CD-ROM drive.
- Delete disk - Deletes disk from the list of disks.

The menu Catalog has the following items:
- Add new folder - Creates a new folder in the collection.
- Add new subfolder - Creates a sub-folder in selected folder.
- Delete folder - Deletes selected folder.
- Edit - Renames a folder.
- Move up - Moves a selected folder up.
- Move down - Moves a selected folder down.
- Move left - Moves a selected folder left (turn to parent).
- Move right - Moves a selected folder right (turn to child).
- Add files - Adds files from the browse disk or search results pane to the selected folder.
- Remove files - Deletes selected items from folder.

The menu Search has the following items:
- Search - Finds files in the collection.
- Advanced search - Finds files in the collection. You can define additional search criterias in advanced search mode.
- Report - Finds files in the collection, generates, and saves HTML or text reports.
- Find disk - Finds disk in the collection.
- View as list/View as tree - Specifies the search results display mode.

The menu Service has the following items:
- Scanning progress - Displays the scanning progress window.
- Settings - Modifies the program's settings.
- Group editor - Opens the group editor.
- Lend/Bring back disks - Opens the "Lent Disks" window.
- Language - Opens the submenu with available interface languages.

The menu Help has the following items:
- Contents - Opens the help window.
- Getting started - Shows the help topic on how to start working with the program.
- Tip of the Day - Opens the Tip of the Day dialog.
- How to buy - Describes the process of purchasing SearchMyDiscs.
- Registration - Registration key entry to unlock the program.
- About - Information about the program.