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CD/DVD Database

CD/DVD Database and catalog

10-Strike SearchMyDiscs is a CD/DVD database software, which allows you to create and maintain your own CD/DVD database. When the need arises to find something on the disks, simply enter the name of the file or other search parameter, like the name of song or artist, and the program will show exactly what disk contains the desired data.


  • Organize your disks with software, photos, MP3 music, and other data.
  • Search files fast and easily.
  • Find the disk with needed file in seconds.
  • View and search photos on disks using thumbnails (RAW files supported).
  • Browse disks from your collection without inserting them into computer.
  • Save handy reports on search results (sample CD/DVD database report).

Interface languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Hungarian, Danish, Turkish, Norwegian, Swedish, Portuguese, Brazilian, Bulgarian.


Why SearchMyDiscs?

Disk cataloger and CD/DVD database screenshot 1. Easy to use!

2. The search engine is very fast and flexible.

3. The program can export file lists from several disks into advanced HTML report, which allows other people exploring contents of your disks.

4. SearchMyDiscs scans disks fast, so you will be able to create your disk database in a short time.

5. Low price (only $29.95).



Daniella, Photographer:
"The more I use this program the more I like it :). This is useful for me not only for cataloging my collection, but also to search for what I have a backup of and what I don't. It is a 29$ well spent and worth every bit of it, even more."

"The tech support for this product is fantastic. They respond in a very timely and positive manner, showing they care much about the products they develop and sell. A welcome change from the often-time slow and plodding responses from other vendors."

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