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10-Strike SearchMyDiscs Testimonials

1. Daniella, Photographer:
"The more I use this program the more I like it :). This is useful for me not only for cataloging my collection, but also to search for what I have a backup of and what I don't. It is a 29$ well spent and worth every bit of it, even more."


2. Mark Mattson:
"I encountered a problem with one of the first discs I was cataloging. I contacted the support team, and sent them some required information for troubleshooting, within hours of submitting my bug report. And, within a couple of days, a new version of the software was available, with enhanced error reporting facilities. When all was said and done, the problem turned out to be a CRC error on my disc. All I needed to do was create a new copy of the DVD, and it then cataloged successfully. The tech support for this product is fantastic. They respond in a VERY timely and positive manner, showing they care much about the products they develop and sell. A welcome change from the often-time slow and plodding responses from other vendors.
If you need to organize your ife (and discs), I would highly recommend 10-Strike Software’s SearchMyDiscs. Get your copy today!"


3. Martin Novotny:
"I have recently bought SearchMyDiscs software to track all my MP3 discs. It is a great piece of soft - thank you very much!!!!"


4. Jenny Westergren:
"I like the program so much! This is the best program from all that I tried (more than a dozen). Other programs are too complicated, they contain many needless options. And your program scans faster!"


5. Daniel Rodenburg:
"Disk-Pile is the best program I've ever seen. First I Thought $25, that's a lot, but i tested it and it's pretty good. I've searched the hole net for a function like the catalog. You're the only one I Think."


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