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10-Strike SearchMyDiscs FAQ

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Q: How to catalog photos stored on CD/DVD disks and create thumbnails of all these photos?
A: 1. Click the "Settings" toolbar icon and click "Thumbnails" option. Checkmark "Save image thumbnails" and click "OK". Set trumbnail scanning parameters like size and quality. After scanning CD and DVD disks with photos you will be able to view thumbnails of photos without inserting the original disks to the computer.
2. We also suggest photographers turning on scanning EXIF tags with shooting parameters.
3. Turn on viewing thumbnails for your comfort when watching or searching photos in in the program (the main menu "View"->"Thumbnails").

Q: I was wondering... How big and how many DVD is it possible to add to disk database before it become too slow?
A: You can store hundreds of disks fearlessly.

Q: How do I reduce the disk scanning time?
A: Turn off the anti-virus monitor. You can also turn off miscellaneous scanning options. For instance, turn off saving thumbnails, scanning archives, and saving descriptions of executable, MP3 and image files.

Q: What can I do if a disk is partially unreadable or the program glitches when scanning some disks?
A: Turn off saving thumbnails and miscellaneous descriptions and scanning archives.

Q: How do I backup the database? Should I even do that?
A: Of course you should back up your database as well as any other data that you value - on a regular basis. If you have scanned quite a large number of new disks and have not backed up your database for a long time - make a backup copy now; thus you will make sure that you will not regret that you have wasted your time scanning so many disks. To back up the database, simply archive the subfolder 'Data' from the program's folder (\Program Files\10-Strike SearchMyDiscs) or copy the subfolder to a safe location. To restore the database, delete all files and subfolders of the program's folder 'Data' and extract the back-up archive into that folder.

Q: How can I reduce the disk database size?
A: 1) Turn off saving unnecessary information when scanning each of your disks: thumbnails and descriptions of miscellaneous file formats. For example, there is no need to save all thumbnails from the disks that are being scanned; doing this will only inflate the database. Save thumbnails only if disks contain images that may interest you, such as photographs. Use filters in the settings to avoid saving thumbnails for small images. Lowering the thumbnail quality and sizes can also reduce their size.
2) Turn off scanning archives if their content does not give you any search of interest.
3) Turn off saving all text descriptions and set the maximum description size, so that the text descriptions would not be saved in the database entirely.