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10-Strike Bandwidth Monitor Screenshots

Monitor network bandwidth and traffic volumes utilized by network users. View the real time current network bandwidth charts (upper part of the window) and the traffic utilization charts (below):

Bandwidth Monitoring program screenshot

The program also stores the traffic usage and the network bandwidth history. So, you can watch the bandwidth charts for any date and time, watch daily, weekly, and monthly statistics. The gathered traffic statistics can be visualized as charts, tables, and reports.


Watch the network bandwidth charts for a period:

Network Bandwidth Charts


Watch the utilized traffic volume tables for a period:

Network Traffic Utilized by Computers / Hosts


Watch the network traffic volume charts:

Utilized Traffic Volume on Network - Chart


Watch the utilized traffic volume by days of week:

Network Traffic Volume Utilized by Days - Chart


Check top IP addresses or sites your network hosts are exchanging with:

Addresses/Sites Exchanging Top Network Traffic


Check Top 5 network traffic consumers and sites/hosts users are exchanging with (this function required a remote Agent with a sniffer to be installed on computers):

Top Users/Computers and Sites Consuming Network Traffic


Watch downtimes on network interfaces (when the downtime happened and for how long the network interface was down):

Downtime Chart


Configuration and Alerting

The network traffic data can be gathered using three types of traffic sensors: SNMP, WMI, and remote agents.

Network Traffic Sensor Settings


Network Interfaces Monitored by the Sensor


The program monitors the network bandwidth and traffic volume utilized on remote computers and can generate alerts and notifications (screen, sound, email, logs). You can configure various conditions and alerts:

Network Traffic and Bandwidth Monitoring


...and notification methods for them when the alert is raised:

Network Bandwidth Monitoring - Actions Taken When the Condition is Met

The bandwidth monitoring program can run various actions when the configured condition is met. The actions include: running external applications, executing VB and JS scripts, restarting services, rebooting computers.


Watch video: Getting started with 10-Strike Bandwidth Monitor: Monitoring network traffic using SNMP, adding SNMP support to Windows Video: Getting Started with 10-Strike Bandwidth Monitor - How to monitor network traffic using SNMP and add SNMP support to Windows





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