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10-Strike Connection Monitor Pro - Service Application for Monitoring Access to Shared Folders and Files

The Pro version is released as a service application. Some computers and the most of servers can work without a logon for prolonged periods of time. The Pro version is made for such servers. The connection monitoring service can monitor and log access to shared files and folders without logging on.

The monitoring service provides almost the same functionality as the standard GUI program 10-Strike Connection Monitor. It records access logs, rises alerts, and notifies an administrator via e-mail, sound, and screen messages. When you logon to the system, a tray program starts. With its help, you can configure the monitoring service and view the access logs. But when the GUI program is not started or the computer is not logged on, the service will continue the share access monitoring and alerting.

Differences between 10-Strike Connection Monitor and 10-Strike Connection Monitor Pro are the following:

Functions 10-Strike Connection Monitor Pro 10-Strike Connection Monitor
Ability to monitor access to shared folder without a logon using the share monitoring service
GUI tray program for configuring the share access monitoring and alerting
License price (per one computer), USD/EUR
Site License price (unlimited computers), USD/EUR
Enterprise License price (unlimited computers and sites), USD/EUR


order folder access monitorUpgrade Your Existing Connection Monitor License to Connection Monitor Pro


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