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Monitor and Audit Access to Your Shared Folders :: 10-Strike Connection Monitor Screenshots

After starting, the program hides to the system tray.

shared folder access notification

It monitors access to your shared folders and notifies you with a balloon hint in the system tray, or a message window, or a sound alarm when someone accesses to the shared folders.

shared folder access screen message


The program has the context menu:

shared folder access monitor

With its help, you can bring up the main window, open or close access to your shared folders with a couple of clicks, configure alerts, see access logs, etc.


The main window:

The main window of the share access monitoring program

Watch who opens your shared folders and files in a real-time.


View the log file with information on remote user and computer name that accessed your shared folders and files, the accessed file's name and path, date and type of the access (reading/writing):

shared folder access log


You can configure e-mail, sound, and screen notifications on user connections to your shared folders and files.

You can even start external applications when an alert arise.

Learn more about the shared folder access monitoring alerts...



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