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Problems in Antivirus Detection and Ways to Solve Them

The 10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer program is able to obtain the information about the antivirus software installed on users' computers. But sometimes there are errors in the antiviruses definition. For example, a user has one antivirus installed, but the program shows another one. What is the reason?

First of all, it should be noted that this is not a bug in our program. The antivirus information is obtained according to Windows documentation using the WMI AntivirusProduct class from the root\SecurityCenter2 (root\SecurityCenter for Vista and earlier operating systems). If the information about the antivirus on the remote computer is incorrect, go to the "Security Center" or "Support Center" of this computer (Control Panel\System and Security\Support Center). It contains the information about the program that protects your computer from viruses.

Possible problems:

  1. The window displays a different antivirus to that is installed. This means that the antivirus has incorrectly registered itself in the system. There can be any number of programs installed, but only one is marked as an antivirus in the system, and information about its status should be displayed in the "Support Center". If the antivirus has not registered itself in the system, then the system will not be able to consider it as an antivirus and analyze its state.

    It happens that the system itself was unable to determine the status of the antivirus correctly. In this case, it is impossible to find a specific reason of the error.

    In order for the antivirus to be displayed correctly in the program, you need to achieve its correct installation. Only then it will inform the system about the launch status and the state of updates of its database, and our program will be able to receive this information.

  2. Antivirus is not displayed in the system. Then 10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer will try to find it in the list of installed software and running processes. But in this case it will be possible to determine only the name and version of the antivirus. It will be impossible to get any information about the state of the AV databases.

  3. It happens that two antiviruses are registered in the system. Then the program will display the one that is running in the process list.

    To eliminate errors in detecting the antivirus installed on a remote PC, follow the following instructions:

    • Check what is displayed in the OS Security Center on the remote PC.
    • Try to get the WMI information remotely:

      Start - Run - WbemTest - Connect


    Execute the query "Select *from AntivirusProduct"

    A list of objects will be returned, the properties of which can be viewed by double-clicking the mouse.

  4. Contact our technical support. Be sure to note what information was obtained in points 1 and 2. Do not forget to specify which antivirus is actually installed and on which operating systems.


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