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Managing List of Computers

The list of computers has several displaying modes for your comfort. You can switch modes using the View toolbar tab.

Computers can be displayed as a list (table) or a tree structure. Use the Columns button to configure columns of the table view. You can hide default columns including the computer name and address and/or add additional fields (room number, owner name, MAC address, etc.)

list of computers

In the background mode, the program can check whether the listed computers are switched on or off (if the corresponding option is enabled in the program settings). Active computers have the blue-screen computer icons. Inactive computers have the gray-screen icons.

Computer names are also displayed with different colors. The color depends on how fresh the computer's inventory data is. If the data is fresh (was collected not long time ago), the font is black. If the computer data is outdated (the default period is two weeks), the color is gray. You can configure the number of days on the "Data - Relevance of Data" window. If there is no data collected yet for that PC, the font color will be red.

To display the list of computers in a more convenient form, the program allows organizing computers into groups (by department of by functionality).