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Creating Backup Copy of Program Your Database

It is useful to backup your database from time to time in order to prevent data loss.

How to Create Backup Copy

1. In the main menu select "Service and Settings" - "Backup Database".

2. On the window appeared, select a type of backup you want to create: 1) configuration files only or 2) full database backup.

3. Select a location on your computer or on external disk where the program will save zip archives. Click "Save".

Automatic Backups

You can configure the automatic backup copy creation for your inventory database. Click "Configure automatic backup creation" and set parameters and frequency of the backup copy creation.

Restoring Database

If your database has become damaged for some reason, you can recover it from a backup copy. Click "Service and Settings" - "Restore Database". Select an archive and click "Restore Database". The recovered database will be loaded after the program restart.


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