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Importing Computers from Active Directory

The program can import computers and organization units (for distributing computers to groups) from Active Directory.

Click "Computers" - "Import from Active Directory".

Specify the domain name and server address. Provide the administrator username and password if the necessary admin account differs from your current account. If the importing process is completed successfully, the computer list will be displayed with further operations available. Otherwise, an error message will be displayed.

The administrator can import computers or groups of computers, import the group structure only, or remove outdated computers excluded from AD. To do the last, select the "Delete computers excluded from Active Directory" option after connecting to Active Directory. The program will find computers in the inventory database which do not belong to AD. You can delete them from the list using corresponding options.

Please be careful and do not delete computers added to the database manually by a mistake.

After importing computers, the program will display the department structure and the list of computers.

Sometimes, the program displays an error message or imports only part of computers. If this happens, please use the secondary "alternative" AD connection method. Select the "Use alternative method for importing the computer list" option on the initial AD connection windows and click "Next" to connect.


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