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Importing Computers from Text File

The program allows you to import computer addresses from a text or CSV file.

If you have a list of computers, you can import them. To do this, click "Computers" - "Import from text file".


Filling in Computer Cards in Excel

Moreover, this function can help you filling in computer cards with properties:

1) Click "Computers" - "Export Computer List" and save the list of computers to a CSV file.

2) The file will be opened by MS Excel or other program installed on your PC for editing files of the CSV type.

3) Fill in additional fields with computer properties in the table.

4) Save the file without changing its type or structure (to remain the CSV format).

5) Import this file as a list of computers. Click "Computers" - "Import from text file".

Computers will be imported back and the inventory information will be added to the database.


Trial Limitation

Warning: The trial version of the program can only add up to 50 computers to the database for the test purposes. When the trial period is expired, the program will not allow adding more than 3 computers to the list. To remove this limitation, please purchase a license for working with a necessary number of computers.


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