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Moving Program to Another Computer

On your old computer, create a backup copy of the inventory database. The database path is displayed on the program window title. You can use the built-in "Backup" and "Restore" functions or copy the files manually:

1. Copy the entire database folder (it is called the "Network Inventory" by default) with the "cfg" subfolder (the cfg subfolder contains files with computer records) from the path displayed in the program title. The database folder also contains the .ini files which store the program settings.

2. Install the software on your new PC and enter the registration code. Close the program.

3. Copy the database folder to the appropriate path on the new machine (the program should be closed on the new machine when you are copying the files).

4. After finishing transferring the files to the new location, please run the software on the new PC and check that everything is picked up correctly.

5. If everything is fine, please delete the software on the old PC.


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