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10-Strike SearchMyDiscs Online Help

Description of the program's windows (Interface)

The program consists of the main window and a number of auxiliary dialogs:
  • Group editor - Creates and edits groups of disks.
  • Search - Searches for files in the collection.
  • Find disk - Searches for disk by its title or description.
  • Properties - Objects properties (disk, folder, file).
  • Generate report - Report generation wizard.
  • Select disk - Appears when the system has more than one CD-ROM drive.
  • Scanning progress - Indicates the scanning progress.
  • Lent disks - Stock of lent disks.
  • Settings - Settings for scanning and appearance.
  • Tip of the day - Tips on working with the program.

The main window contains three tabs:

  • Disks - displays disks (folders) and their file structure. The tab has three panes:

    These panes are: Disk List (for selecting disk/folder), Browser (for browsing disk contents), Descriptions (for showing file, folder, and disk descriptions).
    Two of them can be shown or hidden: Disk List and Descriptions.

  • Catalog - displays the tree-like catalog of files and folders. The tab has three additional panes that can be shown or hidden. These panes are: Disk Browser, Search Results, and Descriptions. Note that only one of these panes can be displayed at a time.

  • Search results - the tab is available only upon a successful completion of search. This tab displays the search results. You can toggle the view mode between a list and a tree. The pane Descriptions can be optionally shown or hidden.