How to Create Report on Microsoft Office Product Keys

Using our network inventory program, you can create reports with product ID and product  keys of Microsoft Office installed on your company computers.

Before we proceed, we assume that you have already collected the inventory information from remote computers over the network using our program.

Open the Report Wizard window.


Open the “Operating system. License audit” tab on the left part of the window.


You can find the Microsoft Office report in the “Microsoft License Information” group on top.

A ready generated “Microsoft Office Products” report looks like this…

Microsoft License Information inventory

Problem of Partial Keys

As you can see above, some product keys (serial numbers) are cut (not displayed full).

Microsoft changed the way how they store product keys in the registry in Office 2013.

Our program (and others) correctly receives only the 5 last symbols of the license product keys because the registry contains only this data (the last 5 characters of the 25-character product keys are stored on your computer).

Basically, this means that your product key is not stored in the registry and no product key finder program will be able to find it. You cannot find something that is not there.

Please note, that some old keyfinder programs display full 25-character keys for Office and Windows but they will be wrong if you compare these “fully detected” keys with the original license keys. This is thanks to the fact the old software has algorithms not adopted to support those modern partial keys retrieved from new versions of Microsoft software.

Our program displays partial (but correct!) license keys if your registry contains only 5 characters of the license key. Microsoft supposes that these 5 symbols are enough for the license audit and we have to live with this. You can check that the used keys are correct even if they are not displayed fully.

There is also the “Microsoft Office components” report available. It contains the MS Office version and the information on installed service packs.

Microsoft Office components inventory

After building the report, you can print it or save to a file. Various file formats are supported (including PDF, RTF, XLS, HTML, etc.)

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