MS office license key not complete

Kindly guide me how to get the license serial key of MS Office. The report shows the serial key but its not complete. Awaiting for your prompt response in this regard.


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    What Office version do you use?
    Microsoft changed the way they store product keys in Office 2013 (and in newer products).

    Unfortunately for us, only the last 5 characters of the 25-character Office 2013 product key is stored on your computer.

    Some editions of Windows (and some other Microsoft products) are made available via what's called a volume license. In these types of distributions, a product key is shared among anywhere from five to thousands of software installations, depending on the license, so product verification is handled differently.

    Basically, this means that your product key is not stored in the registry and no product key finder program will be able to find it. You cannot find something that is not there.

    PLEASE NOTE that some old keyfinder programs display full 25-character keys for MS Office 2013 but they are wrong if you compare these full "detected" keys with the original license keys. This is thanks to the fact the old software has not adopted its algorithms to support partial keys from the new MS Office versions.

    Our program (NIE) displays partial (but correct!) license keys if your registry contains only 5 characters of the Office license key. Microsoft supposes that these 5 symbols are enough for the license audit and we have to live with this.
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