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Retrieving License Information from Remote Computers

This function detects serial numbers of licensed software installed on networked computers. This will help the administrator to reveal the match between license keys and the serial numbers of the software, reveal users violating license agreements and keep the record of licenses.

Many programs store their license keys or serial numbers in the registry. The unified approach to defining the location of a key in the registry does not exist, so administrator would have to manually select the software and the registry path to the stored serial number.

Configuring the gathering of license information over network:

1. Select the menu item "Service - Settings..."

2. Select the "License Information" tab.

3. The window that appears will display currently available licenses. Edit that list.

retrieving license information

  • Add opens the dialog for entering the licensed application title and parameters for obtaining the license key: "title", "registry path", "value".
  • Edit opens the dialog for editing a licensed application.
  • Delete deletes selected licensed application from list.
  • Copy duplicates selected licensed application record; further on, it is to be edited.
  • Export saves settings to a file, which you can send to the developers for including the data you have entered in the setup file or for publishing it on the website.
  • Import imports the list of licensed applications from a file.


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