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Select the Tip of the day item on the Help menu. You can read tips on working with the program. Click on the [Next] button to read the next tip.


1. Save your time! You can add computers to the inventory list by searching the Network Neighborhood or by scanning an IP address range instead of adding them one by one.

2. Include needed data in reports. The program has several report templates included. You can edit them and remove any unnecessary data, add necessary data, or create your own report templates.

3. Turn checking inventoried computers in the background (in the Settings window). It shows the current status of network computers (online or offline) and prevents you from connecting to offline computers and waiting for long timeouts.

4. You can add your own fields in the sections "Inventory information" and "Additional information" in the computer inventory card. This can be done in the Settings window (the sections "Inventory" and "Custom fields").

5. Save reports in various formats for more convenient data analysis. HTML, MS Word, MS Excel, and Text file formats are supported.

6. Create a summary configuration table if you need to collect hardware or software components from different network computers. You can set up filters in order to select computers with the necessary hardware or software components.


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