How to Create Report on Computers Vulnerable to Wanna Cry Virus

wanna-map3When you hear about the “Wanna Cry” virus infections in various companies on news, it is becoming vital to know and to check whether your company computers are vulnerable to this virus or not. Our network computer inventory program can easily solve this task and create a report showing computers with necessary security updates against the virus installed or not installed.

Let’s suppose that you have already collected the data from remote computers using the program and the inventory database data is fresh. Please do not forget to include the “hotfixes” configuration item when collecting the data.

When the information on installed hotfixes is collected, do the following to create the report on computers vulnerable to the “Wanna Cry” virus.

1. Before creating the report, we need to know names of necessary security updates and hotfixes protecting from the Wanna Cry virus for your operating systems. Open the Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-010 page:
In the table, you will see the hotfix names depending on Windows version. Find out names of updates that should be installed for versions of Windows used on your company computers and record these names. For example, these are KB4012212 or KB4012215 hotfixes for Windows 7.

2. Open the summary table window (Main -> Summary Table).